Adding Live Chat To Your Website


We all know how important it is for your customers to have the best experience possible when purchasing from your website. We want the process from start to finish to be as easy as possible. But there will always be times when they need to contact you whether it’s for a quick question or to ask for a quote. Of course, you want to be on hand almost instantly but you can only take one phone call at a time and if you’re on the phone for a long period, your customers may not be able to talk to you and may start to look elsewhere.

More and more sites are adopting a live chat application which is just a simple popup within the page that allows the customer to reach out to you about anything, at any time from any page on your website. is a fantastic solution that allows you to put this live chat on your website, completely free of charge and ad free! You can manage multiple chats at the same time in the same window, have as many users logged into the dashboard talking to potential customers. They even have free Android and iPhone apps that allows you to talk to customers when you’re away from the desk.

You are not limited to how many users you can have chatting to customers, no limit to how many websites you can add to your one account and the best feature out of them all is the visitor monitoring, you can see your customers geographic location, monitor their behaviour in real time as you watch them navigate from page to page on your website. You can even set triggers for the chat to popup to the customer when they visit a certain page or after a set amount of time.

Sara, from In a flash laser, has been using on her site

“We’ve been using live chat of some sort on our website since first starting the business five years ago. combines the best features of all the other systems I’ve tested, and amazingly, it’s also free.

My favorite part is how easy it is to turn on or off the proactive greeting trigger. On days when I’m sitting at my desk I can turn it on to greet website visitors and answer any quick questions they have. This almost always leads to sales. On the days when I’m busy running production I use the chat form instead of a trigger so that it can gather a name and email address to let me follow up when I have time.

Another reason why we’ve always used live chat is that I’m deaf and we don’t provide a phone number for customers. Thankfully, in today’s modern world, so much can be done by email and text messaging, and now and live chat is just one more option.”



Other features include multi lingual, chat history, user banning, desktop notifications and message shortcuts.

The only way to see the full potential of this amazing free widget is to sign up for your free account at and see for yourself!


Production Overview – Purchase orders, production and shipping


In DecoNetwork version 7.0.13 we made some great improvements to the much loved Production Overview screen.

Previously this screen provided you an overview of your orders, indicating if they have been purchased from your supplier, received, produced and shipped to your customer.

This screen has now been improved to make it a dynamic working environment where you:

  • Raise a purchase order for selected orders.
  • Mark selected orders as produced.
  • Mark selected orders as shipped.

Raising a purchase order for selected order

1. Log into your Production Overview screen in Business Hub.

2. Check the orders to raise a purchase order.

3. Click “Raise Purchase Order” in the top-right menu

4. A new purchase order will be created for your selected supplier


Mark orders as produced or shipped

You can follow the same steps above and check orders to mark them as produced or shipped, dramatically streamlining the time and effort it takes to manage your orders.


New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.13: Raise Purchase Order for individual orders.

When we introduced Purchase Orders functionality back in mid 2014, we knew this will be a great addition to your production workflow which will provide the direct connection with your suppliers without the need of exchanging emails, calling, checking on the availability etc. If you haven’t had a chance to check on how Purchase Orders can help you with your production in DecoNetwork yet, please see this great video created by Alex Heap Purchase Orders functionality in DecoNetwork. That said, till now, the Purchase Order functionality allowed you to create mainly consolidated orders for multiple transactions. While this makes sense for many scenarios where one of them will help you to save money on the shipping, we have also received a feedback from the DecoNetwork community that at times, it would be helpful to raise a Purchase Order for some of the transactions individually and not consolidate them all together. You asked, and we listened therefore in the new DecoNetwork release 7.013 that option is now available.

How to raise separate Purchase Order for each transaction?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Business Hub
  3. In the Business Hub go to Orders and then click view next to the order for which you want to raise Purchase Order
  4. On the next page click on Raise Purchase Order linkRaisePurchase

Should you like to raise Purchase Order for more than one transaction but not necessarily all of the transactions at once? This is also now possible on the improved Overview page in Business Hub.

How to raise Purchase Order for the selected transactions in Business Hub?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Business Hub
  3. In the Business Hub go to Overview select the orders and then click on Raise Purchase Order link RaisePurchase22

Campaigns are here!

With the release of V7.0.13 comes a brand new feature, Campaign stores!! A great way to become a crowd funding solution to the many organisations who are looking for the most efficient way to raise money online!

Take a look at the video below to learn more about campaign stores.

How to test if my email SPF record is setup correctly?

In DecoNetwork you will find over 20 different automatic email notifications that are being sent to your customers on a different occasion (more about automatic email templates: Email and order templates). For example, when the order is made, or shipped, the DecoNetwork system will automatically inform your customers about it. That said, have you ever wondered from where all of the automatic emails are being sent to your customers? By default emails are sent from the generic DecoNetwork no-reply email, but you can also setup your own email as the order reply email (more on how to setup order reply email can be found in this article: Order Reply Email overview). To do that, you need to setup SPF record with your email provider, otherwise all your communication will go to your customers email spam.

What is SPF?

SPF is an extension that provides the authentication scheme by specifying which computers are authorized to send email from a specific domain. In order to use SPF, the domain sending e-mails must establish an SPF record that is published in DNS records.

How to setup SPF record?

To allow your customers to correctly receive and reply to automatic email, you need to get your email provider to set up a SPF (Sender Policy Framework) for you with the details as shown below:

5-14-2015 12-58-24 PM

Each email provider should be capable to help you with this process given the information from above.

Important Note:
Free email accounts such as gmail, hotmail, or yahoo are not offering access to the SPF record. In order to setup SPF record, you will need to have commercial email account purchased for example from

How to test SPF record?

One way of testing your SPF record is by creating a dummy testing order, and if the automatic emails will not go to spam, it means that your SPF record is setup correctly. That said, you can use one of the many free tools to test it properly.

For example you can use this tool: SPF Tool and check your email address. If the result will show Pass for both of the DecoNetwork records, it means that your SPF was setup correctly (as shown below)
SPF Result

DecoNetwork Purchase Orders Add-on

Purchase Orders in DecoNetwork allows you to create orders with your suppliers directly from your Business Hub. The feature allows you to order only the amount of stock you require to fulfill your orders. You don’t have to over order nor are you left guessing how much stock to order in for the days ahead. You don’t even have to double check your orders to make sure you haven’t miscounted and have to spend time double checking your list of things to order to make sure you’re going to order the right quantity of sizes and colours, the purchase order feature takes care of this for you. This feature enables you to take full control and eradicates any human errors when ordering from your suppliers, ensuring your orders are fulfilled on time.


For further information and additional help with purchase orders, please visit our help articles here.

How To Go Live With DecoNetwork In 48 Hours Webinar

How to go live with DecoNetwork in 48 hours.


The presentation was aimed at highlighting the essential settings that need to be addressed during the setup process. The aim of the presentation was to launch your new DecoNetwork website live within 2 days, creating a cash flow for your online business. This would allow you the time to work and build on your website alongside fulfilling orders. Setting up your website correctly first time is essential to your online success and creates the foundations for you to expand and develop online.


I have provided you with a Checklist which is the same checklist I followed during the setup of the site in the video also in the checklist is a separate list of items you will need to prepare before you start the setup process.



Below are questions and answers from the presentation


Q.Does the system know there is no VAT on kids clothing?

A. Yes, but you have to define which size/ages are tax exempt on the product.

You can find a blog post on making sizes VAT exempt here.



Q. How can i choose multiple sizes on products?

A. Multiple sizes need to be enabled on the products.


  1. Select sizing
  2. Open the blue wheel
  3. Untick “use sizes define in catalog”
  4. Tick multiple sizes and save.



Q. Is it possible to design your own home page?

A. Yes, with HTML and CSS knowledge you can design your own homepage, if you are not familiar with coding you can reach out to our decocoach service

You can visit DecoCoach at


Q. How can I sort garments by brand on my site?

A. By default, the system doesn’t filter by brand on you website, you can do this by creating a category for each brand and adding the relevant garments to the right category.


Q.Digitising option for vinyl printing?

A. This isn’t an available option on the platform. You can however create an “extra charge” that can be applied when creating quotes in the business hub


Q. How would you add an embroidery only product?

A. When configuring a product and you are viewing the decoration areas you can define which print processes can be used on this product, you can deselect all processes apart from embroidery.


  1. Select Decoration Areas
  2. Untick the unwanted processes and keep embroidery ticked. Save.


Q. Can you create a shirt that can have a name under the club logo?

A. Yes, you can create a predecorated product with the logo on the chest, then you can add text beneath this logo and allow personalisation on this text so the customer can overwrite the text.

add your name


New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.12: Update inventory levels in batch from .CSV file

In DecoNetwork 7.012 you can now download and import your inventory levels in batch from .CSV file.

How to Download Inventory?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Products and then select the check-box above all of your listed items.Invent1
  3. As a result all 15 products from the first page will now be selected. You can also change this selection to all of the products.invent2
  4. Once your products are selected apply the batch action Export Inventory Levels which will initiate CSV download with the inventory levels.invent3

How to Import updated Inventory?

Once you will update CSV with your inventory levels you can import them back into DecoNetwork store by following the steps:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Products and then click on Import Inventory Levels under the Advance Option section of the page.invent5
  3. On the next page click on Start New Import which will let you to import an updated CSV file with the new inventory levels.invent3

New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.12: Changes made to the DecoNetwork Account Settings page

In DecoNetwork 7.012 release we have redesigned the purpose for the DecoNetwork Account Settings page and you will find it now under the Settings in your Manage Fulfillment section of the site. Because of those changes, you will now be able to define separate contact information for different departments within your company, such as billing department.

To setup a separate contact information for technical and/or billing communication:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Settings > DecoNetwork Account Settings.accpuntinfo1
  3. One the next page, untick the option Same as Contact Details and provide new contact information either for Owner Details, Technical Contact, or/and Billing Contactaccountinfo2
  4. Save the changes.