Go Live With DecoNetwork In 48 Hours – The Final Stage

After great feedback from our last two webinars we are very excited to release the recording of the third and final webinar in our ‘Go Live’ series.

In this webinar we follow on from our first and second webinars, if you missed them they can be found here.

In this third webinar we take a look at some additional add-ons which further extend your DecoNetwork website functionality. We had a look at how to setup a coupon code, create a custom product with price breakdowns and how to add a live chat to your website. Plus a few extra features that your business would benefit from, such as purchase orders and organising a marketing email.

We have provided a workflow guide for you to follow along with the video. This will bring you to the end of the webinar series and ready to put your knowledge into action. You can now ‘Go Live’, if you haven’t done so already and start to expand your range of products and designs.



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DecoNetwork version 7.0.14 is released


DecoNetwork version 7.0.14 is released and your DecoNetwork website has been automatically updated.

Key highlights of this release

DecoNetwork version 7.0.14 contains dozens of new features and improvements, but here are some key highlight:

Limit colors for Campaign products

Our Campaigns feature has been wildly popular and is now even better with the ability to limit the product colors for a campaign.


Delete customer designs

You can now delete designs uploaded by your customer within their customer record in Business Hub.


…plus dozens more!

See the DecoNetwork version 7.0.14 release notes for a full list of new features and improvements in this release.

Dynamic Product Template

Have you been wanting to create a custom product but you’re not too sure what the option below was for, or not fully sure how it works?



Well, it’s a lot easier than you think! Just follow the tutorial below and you’ll be able to create your own custom dynamic product template in no time.


How to print live shipping labels for UPS and USPS in DecoNetwork?

DecoNetwork offers live integration with UPS shipping methods and USPS (through Stamps.com services). This let you to print shipping labels directly in DecoNetwork and avoid retyping the same information twice, resending tracking number etc.

How to add live shipping methods in DecoNetwork?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment > Settings > Shipping Methods
  3. On the next page click on Live Shipping Method where you will be able to add your credentials for Stamps.com and/or UPS account. addliveshippingmethods1
    Note: In order to have the live shipping labels functionality please use Stamps.com integration for shipping labels and not the direct USPS integration.
  4. Save the changes

Once you have your live shipping methods (UPS, and or USPS through Stamps.com) up and running, you will be able to print shipping labels directly in DecoNetwork with automatically populated tracking code sent to the customer.

How to print live shipping labels for UPS and USPS in DecoNetwork?

    1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
    2. Browse to Business Hub
    3. In the Business Hub go to Shipping and then click view next to the order for which you want to generate live shipping label
    4. Click on Record Shipment
    5. shippinglabel1

    6. On the next page select shipping carrier and get the live rates.shippinglabel2
      Note: Please make sure to select Live Postage Payment in order to automatically populate tracking number and print shipping label in the next step.
    7. Next, select the items included in the shipping for which the label should be generated and click Print Shipping Labelshippinglabel3
    8. As a result you will receive a shipping label similar to as shown below (this example is using USPS shipping label)shippinglabel4

Go Live With DecoNetwork In 48 Hours – The Next Step

Due to the success of our first webinar i’m really excited to deliver the second episode in this series. This presentation was a follow-on from our first webinar which can be found hereIn this session we took a look at the add-ons which we can use to extend the functionality of our website. We also started to make more advanced changes to our settings by expanding our pricing tables, change our designer settings and made sizes tax exempt for childrens clothing.

I have provided a workflow document here. which you can follow along with the webinar recording, this will bring you up to date and ready for our next webinar in the Go Live Series. In the check-list is a small list of what you will need for the webinar so you will be well prepared to follow along.


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Adding Live Chat To Your Website


We all know how important it is for your customers to have the best experience possible when purchasing from your website. We want the process from start to finish to be as easy as possible. But there will always be times when they need to contact you whether it’s for a quick question or to ask for a quote. Of course, you want to be on hand almost instantly but you can only take one phone call at a time and if you’re on the phone for a long period, your customers may not be able to talk to you and may start to look elsewhere.

More and more sites are adopting a live chat application which is just a simple popup within the page that allows the customer to reach out to you about anything, at any time from any page on your website.

Tawk.to is a fantastic solution that allows you to put this live chat on your website, completely free of charge and ad free! You can manage multiple chats at the same time in the same window, have as many users logged into the dashboard talking to potential customers. They even have free Android and iPhone apps that allows you to talk to customers when you’re away from the desk.

You are not limited to how many users you can have chatting to customers, no limit to how many websites you can add to your one account and the best feature out of them all is the visitor monitoring, you can see your customers geographic location, monitor their behaviour in real time as you watch them navigate from page to page on your website. You can even set triggers for the chat to popup to the customer when they visit a certain page or after a set amount of time.

Sara, from In a flash laser, has been using tawk.to on her site

“We’ve been using live chat of some sort on our website since first starting the business five years ago. Tawk.to combines the best features of all the other systems I’ve tested, and amazingly, it’s also free.

My favorite part is how easy it is to turn on or off the proactive greeting trigger. On days when I’m sitting at my desk I can turn it on to greet website visitors and answer any quick questions they have. This almost always leads to sales. On the days when I’m busy running production I use the chat form instead of a trigger so that it can gather a name and email address to let me follow up when I have time.

Another reason why we’ve always used live chat is that I’m deaf and we don’t provide a phone number for customers. Thankfully, in today’s modern world, so much can be done by email and text messaging, and now and live chat is just one more option.”



Other features include multi lingual, chat history, user banning, desktop notifications and message shortcuts.

The only way to see the full potential of this amazing free widget is to sign up for your free account at www.tawk.to and see for yourself!


Production Overview – Purchase orders, production and shipping


In DecoNetwork version 7.0.13 we made some great improvements to the much loved Production Overview screen.

Previously this screen provided you an overview of your orders, indicating if they have been purchased from your supplier, received, produced and shipped to your customer.

This screen has now been improved to make it a dynamic working environment where you:

  • Raise a purchase order for selected orders.
  • Mark selected orders as produced.
  • Mark selected orders as shipped.

Raising a purchase order for selected order

1. Log into your Production Overview screen in Business Hub.

2. Check the orders to raise a purchase order.

3. Click “Raise Purchase Order” in the top-right menu

4. A new purchase order will be created for your selected supplier


Mark orders as produced or shipped

You can follow the same steps above and check orders to mark them as produced or shipped, dramatically streamlining the time and effort it takes to manage your orders.


New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.13: Raise Purchase Order for individual orders.

When we introduced Purchase Orders functionality back in mid 2014, we knew this will be a great addition to your production workflow which will provide the direct connection with your suppliers without the need of exchanging emails, calling, checking on the availability etc. If you haven’t had a chance to check on how Purchase Orders can help you with your production in DecoNetwork yet, please see this great video created by Alex Heap Purchase Orders functionality in DecoNetwork. That said, till now, the Purchase Order functionality allowed you to create mainly consolidated orders for multiple transactions. While this makes sense for many scenarios where one of them will help you to save money on the shipping, we have also received a feedback from the DecoNetwork community that at times, it would be helpful to raise a Purchase Order for some of the transactions individually and not consolidate them all together. You asked, and we listened therefore in the new DecoNetwork release 7.013 that option is now available.

How to raise separate Purchase Order for each transaction?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Business Hub
  3. In the Business Hub go to Orders and then click view next to the order for which you want to raise Purchase Order
  4. On the next page click on Raise Purchase Order linkRaisePurchase

Should you like to raise Purchase Order for more than one transaction but not necessarily all of the transactions at once? This is also now possible on the improved Overview page in Business Hub.

How to raise Purchase Order for the selected transactions in Business Hub?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Business Hub
  3. In the Business Hub go to Overview select the orders and then click on Raise Purchase Order link RaisePurchase22

Campaigns are here!

With the release of V7.0.13 comes a brand new feature, Campaign stores!! A great way to become a crowd funding solution to the many organisations who are looking for the most efficient way to raise money online!

Take a look at the video below to learn more about campaign stores.