How To Go Live With DecoNetwork In 48 Hours Webinar

How to go live with DecoNetwork in 48 hours.


The presentation was aimed at highlighting the essential settings that need to be addressed during the setup process. The aim of the presentation was to launch your new DecoNetwork website live within 2 days, creating a cash flow for your online business. This would allow you the time to work and build on your website alongside fulfilling orders. Setting up your website correctly first time is essential to your online success and creates the foundations for you to expand and develop online.


I have provided you with a Checklist which is the same checklist I followed during the setup of the site in the video also in the checklist is a separate list of items you will need to prepare before you start the setup process.



Below are questions and answers from the presentation


Q.Does the system know there is no VAT on kids clothing?

A. Yes, but you have to define which size/ages are tax exempt on the product.

You can find a blog post on making sizes VAT exempt here.


Q. How can i choose multiple sizes on products?

A. Multiple sizes need to be enabled on the products.


  1. Select sizing
  2. Open the blue wheel
  3. Untick “use sizes define in catalog”
  4. Tick multiple sizes and save.


Q. Is it possible to design your own home page?

A. Yes, with HTML and CSS knowledge you can design your own homepage, if you are not familiar with coding you can reach out to our decocoach service

You can visit DecoCoach at


Q. How can I sort garments by brand on my site?

A. By default, the system doesn’t filter by brand on you website, you can do this by creating a category for each brand and adding the relevant garments to the right category.


Q.Digitising option for vinyl printing?

A. This isn’t an available option on the platform. You can however create an “extra charge” that can be applied when creating quotes in the business hub


Q. How would you add an embroidery only product?

A. When configuring a product and you are viewing the decoration areas you can define which print processes can be used on this product, you can deselect all processes apart from embroidery.


  1. Select Decoration Areas
  2. Untick the unwanted processes and keep embroidery ticked. Save.


Q. Can you create a shirt that can have a name under the club logo?

A. Yes, you can create a predecorated product with the logo on the chest, then you can add text beneath this logo and allow personalisation on this text so the customer can overwrite the text.

add your name

New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.12: Update inventory levels in batch from .CSV file

In DecoNetwork 7.012 you can now download and import your inventory levels in batch from .CSV file.

How to Download Inventory?

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Products and then select the check-box above all of your listed items.Invent1
  3. As a result all 15 products from the first page will now be selected. You can also change this selection to all of the products.invent2
  4. Once your products are selected apply the batch action Export Inventory Levels which will initiate CSV download with the inventory levels.invent3

How to Import updated Inventory?

Once you will update CSV with your inventory levels you can import them back into DecoNetwork store by following the steps:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Products and then click on Import Inventory Levels under the Advance Option section of the page.invent5
  3. On the next page click on Start New Import which will let you to import an updated CSV file with the new inventory levels.invent3

New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.12: Changes made to the DecoNetwork Account Settings page

In DecoNetwork 7.012 release we have redesigned the purpose for the DecoNetwork Account Settings page and you will find it now under the Settings in your Manage Fulfillment section of the site. Because of those changes, you will now be able to define separate contact information for different departments within your company, such as billing department.

To setup a separate contact information for technical and/or billing communication:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Settings > DecoNetwork Account Settings.accpuntinfo1
  3. One the next page, untick the option Same as Contact Details and provide new contact information either for Owner Details, Technical Contact, or/and Billing Contactaccountinfo2
  4. Save the changes.

Is your website mobile-friendly for Google?


Google recently announced that on April 21st Google will release a new version of it’s ranking system that takes into account whether your site is mobile friendly.

Sites that are mobile friendly will rank higher on mobile-devices.

This is critical as research indicates that mobile search will exceed desktop search in 2015.


DecoNetwork has implemented changes in version 7.0.12 to ensure your DecoNetwork website will pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test if you are using standard DecoNetwork website templates.

If you have made any custom changes to your template you need to test your site to ensure your website passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Visit to test your website and if required adjust your customer HTML to ensure it scales correctly on mobile devices.



New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.12: Setup dispatch address not linked to user account for shipping methods

If you are using live shipping methods in DecoNetwork you may have noticed that the shipping cost is determined based on your address provided in your account section of the site. While this works for most, in some cases you may need to setup a different dispatch address for shipping than your own. In DecoNetwork 7.012 shipping origin to calculate shipping costs is no longer linked to the customer account. Shipping now has a shipping origin screen so you can configure a different origin address from the owners account address.

How to setup a different dispatch address for shipping in your DecoNetwork store?

To setup a separate dispatch address from your primary address:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Settings > Shipping Methods.shippingaddress1
  3. Select Configure below the Dispatch Address.shippingaddress2
  4. One the next page, untick the option Same as Contact Details and provide the new dispatch address that you want to use for shipping methods. shippingaddress3
  5. Save the changes.

New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.12: Ability to disable email notifications for the back-end operators.

While it is possible for some time now in DecoNetwork to turn off any email notifications sent to your customers (Manage Fulfillment > Settings > Email and Order Templates), that functionality was not available for the email notifications sent to the back-end operators. In version 7.012 we have made this possible, and you can now turn off email notifications sent to you as the owner of the store as well as to any back-end users in your DecoNetwork system.

How to manage email notifications at the user level in your DecoNetwork store?

To turn off email notifications:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Settings > Users/Logins.EditUser_0
  3. Select Configure next to the operator.ed_001
  4. One the next page you will be able to turn off email notifications for Internet Order, Order Payment or both. EditUser
  5. Save the changes.

Video: Why is having a professional site important



Marco Pena and DecoCoach Liz Bastida discuss why having professional website is important for your business and how DecoCoach can help you achieve your goals.

What is DecoCoach?

DecoCoach is a DecoNetwork professional web design service where DecoNetwork experts can help you craft a website of your dreams.

You can find out more at or see our sample DecoCoach design work at:

Platinum DecoCoach example:

Gold DecoCoach example:

Silver DecoCoach example:

Video: Why is having a professional site important

Everything you should know about the prices setup in DecoNetwork. Part1: Base Prices

When you start your journey with DecoNetwork, you are first taken through the setup wizard process which will help you to set your decoration processes, prices, products, customer data and more. The purpose of the setup wizard is to show the shortest generic way to set your DecoNetwork system. That said, DecoNetwork is offering vast set of tools and customization which will take the comfort of your services offered to your customers to the next level. While setup wizard is a great tool for basic “how to setup”, we believe that it is also important to discuss those options in more details. In this segment of articles and video tutorials, we will go deep into the setup process and explain not only how to do certain things but also focus on why this is done this way.
In the first part the base prices are being discussed. We hope you will enjoy it, and please don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments area.

1. Base Prices Introduction

In this video you will learn:

  • How to add catalog products with the supplier piece price
  • What is the difference between supplier wholesale piece price and the retail price offered to your customers
  • How to add markup to the supplier piece prices in batch
  • How retail prices work in DecoNetwork

2. Base Prices Custom Settings

In this video you will learn:

  • How to override the default base prices for individual products
  • How to add price breakdown to the base price of the product
  • The difference between the global price update for the default catalog prices vs custom prices
  • The difference between white/light/dark prices.
  • How to make white price displayed as a default price for the product

Capturing emails in DecoNetwork Business Hub

Email is still an important way we communicate with customers. DecoNetwork sends various emails to your customers, but now when a customer replies to that email DecoNetwork will capture the email and store directly in the order or quote that the email relates to. It will also store any attachments that your customer sends.

The awesome benefit to this is all the emails and correspondence for the quotes and orders are logged in the one spot.

These emails will be visible in a new tab called “Email History” for the quote or order:



The email will still be delivered to your sales rep inbox but a copy will be recorded against the order.

Disabling the feature

If this type of feature is not your cup of tea you can disable it by:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > SettingsEmail and Order Templates.
  3. In the Options tab uncheck “Record emails in Business Hub
  4. Click Save to save your changes