Video: Say hello to Cog option during the setup process in DecoNetwork.

In August 2014 we have introduced new functionality in DecoNetwork user interface called cog option. During the setup process you may find cog option displayed on several pages in DecoNetwork back-end. By clicking on the cog icon, on any given page, you will be able to reveal more options available to you. Below, you will find the brief video overview which will help you to reveal the potential of the 32-cog-over.

3 ways to temporarily disable affiliate stores in DecoNetwork

There are times when you may want to temporarily disable one of your affiliate stores. DecoNetwork allows you to do it in several different ways where 3 of those ways will be discussed in the following tutorial:

1. Enable password protection for the selected store.

The easiest and fastest way to prevent end users to access one of your stores is by setting up a password protection which only you will know.

To enable password protection:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Websites > Manage (for the selected store).
  3. Select Customer Options under Administration
  4. customeroptions

  5. On the next page select:
    - Override Default Settings
    – Customers must be logged in to view the website
    - Customers can login using a generic password
  6. password2
    This option allows you to define generic password needed in order to access the selected store.

  7. Save the changes

2. Redirect affiliate store URL to your primary URL

This option allows to add redirection from affiliate store domain to any given domain that you will select (preferably your primary domain). In that way end-users will not be able to access selected affiliate store as any attempt will end with redirection to another website.

To add redirection:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Websites > Manage(for the selected store).
  3. Select Redirection under Administration
  4. Red

  5. On the next page add link where you want to redirect the selected affiliate store (it can be your primary domain)
  6. redirect

  7. Save the changes

3. Delete an affiliate store (and restore…)

The third choice is the most spectacular as it will simply let you to delete affiliate store from your DecoNetwork. That said, you will be able to restore this affiliate website in the future if needed.

To delete an affiliate:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Websites > Manage(for the selected store).
  3. Select Delete Site under Administration
  4. deletesit

  5. On the next page provide the reason that you want to delete this store (just for your own information for the future).
  6. Click Delete button.

To restore deleted site:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Websites >Advanced Search select Include Deleted check-box and click search
    As a result you will see the list of all of your affiliate stores including the one that you have deleted in the past

  3. Click Restore next to the deleted affiliate site

New Feature In DecoNetwork 7.0.10 – Allow Tax To Be Made Exempt At A Size Level

In our latest release, 7.0.10, we welcome a new feature, making tax exempt at a size level. For example, in the United Kingdom children’s clothing does not include VAT. So if you offer products on your website that have both youth and adult sizes, it’s ideal that you may want to exclude VAT per size. This way you wouldn’t need to create a separate product just to make it tax exempt.

How to do this

Unlike before where you would need to create two separate products, just so one can be tax exempt due to the sizes you offered, all you need to do now is follow the instructions below.

  1.  Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Navigate to your Settings.
  3. Under Product Settings, select Sizes.



4. Click the blue cog to expand options and tick ‘Allow size to be tax exempt’.



5. Tick the ‘Tax exempt’ check box on your selected sizes.

6. Tick the ‘default’ check boxes to make this a default setting.

7. Click save





New Feature in DecoNetwork 7.0.10: Add ability to create free shipping method with minimum order value to be set.

Traditionally in Deco Network you could offer free shipping if the minimum order value is met by creating free shipping coupon. While this is still a great way of promoting free shipping on the website, the feedback from the DecoNetwork community was clear: we need to also have this option available on the shipping level. You asked, and we listened. The third highest voted functionality request on our feature ideas & voting page is now available in DecoNetwork.

How this works:

Shipping methods can now be marked as a free shipping method. A rule can be set to indicate the value the order must reach before the free shipping is offered. The checkout page indicates if the customer qualified for free shipping or he/she will need to add extra to his/her cart to qualify.

Here is the example of what your customers will see in the shopping cart:


How to add Free Shipping Method in your DecoNetwork store?

To enable Free Shipping Method:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Settings > Shipping Methods.
  3. FreeShipping_2

  4. Select Add Custom Shipping Method or click Configure for one of the existing shipping methods.
  5. FreeShipping_3

  6. Select an option This method is free shipping and set the minimum value to be met in order to receive it.
  7. FreeShipping_4

  8. Save the changes

How do you increase sales and cut costs today?


Make it easier for your customers to do business with you:

Your customers generally need to speak with you and respond to your personal guidance. Imagine if you could clone yourself so that you were always available and ready to answer your customers’ needs!  This is not science fiction, this is a real possibility!

What are the existing barriers?

Your customers need to attend your shop or need to ring and talk to you: so your business hours and the distance between them and you may be costing you and you do not even know how much or how often you are missing that sale.

You and/or they need to find their existing graphics and previous order information to make their buying decision: not having immediate access to all their existing order information and collateral is making it difficult for them to do business with you.

They want to use existing graphics and just make little changes or create an entirely new design: without an online designer to accommodate this easily they need to engage you to do the design work, get a designer or worse still, when they get another designer: that person may offer to provide the whole service and you miss out.

They need what you sell, but they do not know all that you offer. How many times have you discovered that an existing customer is doing business with a competitor because they did not know you provided that service?

You are asked to do a quote, but there is no visualisation of the item to be decorated and the details are not necessarily presented professionally.

Today, you are most probably the only person that can reliably quote: Perhaps your customer is in a hurry and you are out of the store. You cannot clone yourself physically, so they go elsewhere. But what if you could clone your knowledge and be confident that others can do the quoting in your business and the price will be exactly what you would have worked out?

When considering these impediments to doing business it is also good to look at the threats you will need to counter if you do not make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

The biggest threat is: Zazzle, CaféPress, VistaPrint, CustomInk are already providing a new experience that is simpler and faster. If your customers experience their online service and have a better buying experience, will they return? Will they ever tell you?

So what is the solution?


Provide your customers with an experience at least as good if not superior to the big boys with an online site that has been specifically designed to make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

With DecoNetwork there is a set up stage that provides you with the ability to make your online service smart. You are provided with screens that allow you to impart your understanding of pricing, costs, margins and processes into your 24/7 online DecoNetwork service.  Now all your smarts can be leveraged in a way that you may never have imagined. You have cloned your expertise into a database system that you can now view and refine over time to become ever better; and you have records of what you did and can review all the elements that make your business yours!

Here comes the best part. Now it is time for the money ball to be pitched! When you are set up, invite your existing customers to your site, and provide incentives, discount coupons and special deals. Provide your customers with a login to their private area so that the customer can view previous orders and designs uploaded. Put your URL on every communication you make. Always call to action.

Your existing customers are potentially your greatest source of new sales – you just have to appreciate this and make it easy for them. Give them the opportunity and the incentive to recommend you via their social media and via their person contact. All you need to do is ask and make it easy for them to do this and they will respond – they are in your hands


Consider this: your existing customers already know you, and you know what they have bought from you. You have their details, most likely their email. They will read your offers, but first you have to make them!

Think about this: your DecoNetwork site is specifically designed for you. DecoNetwork allows you to input all your knowledge and understanding into your prices so people can self-serve and most anyone you train can do your quoting for you with your prices in exactly the way you have done it prior to DecoNetwork. The difference will be the quote which will be more professional looking with great visualisation.

In essence your DecoNetwork Site is your clone!

If you are not an existing DecoNetwork licensee, go to and get started. There is no commitment past the first month subscription. No lock in. No big upfront investment and capital outlay.

If you are already a licensee and not focussed on making it easier for your customers to do business with you – import your existing customers and start increasing your sales today!

With DecoNetwork you have access to a service that will secure your business today and allow you to capture tomorrow.

New Feature in DecoNetwork v7.09: Multi assign production orders

7.0.9 introduces a fantastic new feature for the Business Hub, the ability to assign multiple orders to a staff member for production at once. Please take a look at the short tutorial below created by our technical support guru Alex:

How this works

Unlike before when you had to assign a staff member one at a time, you can now select all the orders you wish to assign at once, then select the staff member you wish to assign them too, and in a matter of seconds your staff member can start producing.

To do that:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Business Hub > Production
  3. Select one or more orders that you want to assign to the staff member
  4. assign1

  5. Select Assign selected items from the menu on the right, choose the staff member, and then press OK

Now you’ve saved valuable time and your staff can start production.

New Feature in DecoNetwork v7.09: Quick Quote form now available in DecoNetwork stores

DecoNetwork team have privilege to announce that quick quote functionality is now available in web stores and can be used by anyone who has the Page Management add-on enabled.

What is Quick Quote form?

Quick Quote form is a functionality added to the front-end website which allows your customers to quickly get a rough price on a product decorated before they will start an actual designing process in the designer.

How to enable Quick Quote form?

To enable Quick Quote form:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfilment > Websites > Select Manage for the website for which you wish to update the pages. Select the Website Pages side menu item.
  3. Select Quick Quote page and set the Page Status to On
  4. Save the changes


How does it work?

Once the Quick Quote form is enabled, your customers will be able to select this page in your store, and go through the wizard which will allow them to:

  1. Select Product
  2. Select Color
  3. Define Size and Quantity
  4. Select Decoration Processes for the specific design area (such as Body, Left Chest, Back, and more)
  5. Based on this selection the estimated total price will be displayed, and will then allow users to start designing selected product


Changes recording Shipments plus Live Shipping Integration

In DecoNetwork version 7.07 (due for release on Monday, November 24th) we will be changing the way you record your orders as shipped, plus have made some changes and improvements to our Live Shipping Integration with shipping providers such as DHL and UPS.

Recording of a shipment

Prior to DecoNetwork version 7.07, there was no way to record individual shipments relating to an order. You were able to indicate the quantity of items that have already been shipped, but you could not flag that quantity as a shipment and record the tracking number, date and other details associated with that shipment.

This capability is now possible in DecoNetwork version 7.07.

New shipping screen

The shipping screen in DecoNetwork has changed to support the new shipments capability. Order and customer details now flow down the right hand panel whilst the order details and any shipments take center stage.

When an order is loaded that is ready to be shipped it appears as below.



The individual line items are displayed in the table with a ‘Record Shipment’ button above the list.

Selecting the ‘Record Shipment’ button will load the Record Shipment popup:


In this popup you can record the quantity of items you want to ship. By default the full quantities are displayed however you can adjust the quantity amount to match what you are sending in this particular the shipment.

From this screen you can also select a different shipping carrier and with Live Pricing integration you can see the cost of shipping with the selected carrier.

The weight of the shipment will automatically calculate based on the number of selected items in that shipment. You can override the weight by selecting the “Override Weight” check box.

If Live Shipping integration is enabled with one of the supported carriers, real-time pricing will be displayed based on the package size, weight and delivery location. It will also book and charge your shipping account if you use or UPS.

Optional customer email

You can select to send your customer a notification of the shipment by checking the “Send a notification email to the Customer” check box.



This new customer shipment email template is significantly different to the previous templates used.

IMPORTANT: If you have been using a custom email template these new changes will not be applied to your shipping emails. However, if you were not using a custom email template then these changes will be applied to your shipping email.

Recorded Shipments

Once your shipment is recorded it will appear as a shipment record. Each shipment you make for that order will appear as a separate shipment record providing a complete history of all shipments made for that order.


From this screen you can edit or delete your shipment. If your shipping used a live shipping method and charged your account, the charge will be reversed.

Packing slips and shipping labels

In previous releases we had a ‘packing slip’ which was more like a generic shipping label. We’ve renamed the previous packing slip to ‘Shipping Label’ and created a new packing slip template. If you customized your previous ‘packing slip’ you need to be aware of these changes.

The new packing slip will list the items in the selected shipment and does not contain any pricing information.

shipping005 Integration

stampscom-inc-logo (1)

In DecoNetwork version 7.07 we’ve also introduced support. This includes both real-time pricing plus live shipment bookings and payment with your account.




4,800 free stock designs for your DecoNetwork website

We’ve released a collection of 4,800 free stock designs that you can enable on you DecoNetwork website.


Enabling the stock designs

To enable to stock designs:

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment > Stock Designs > Add DecoNetwork design collections
  3. Check “DecoNetwork Free Clipart” in the DecoNetwork section:
  4. Click Save to save you changes

You can preview the collection at

Browse other stock design collections

You can also see other DecoNetwork stock design collections at