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Changing of the guard at DecoNetwork

Sydney, Australia

Our current Chairman and Commercial Manager, Neil Pentland, has recently been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by the Board of Directors.

Mr Pentland took over from incumbent CEO Martin Kristiaman on March 6, 2016. Mr Kristiaman, who had been our CEO since January 2012, has been a valued contributor and thus will continue to serve and advise the company as a member of the Board of Directors. We thank him for his long-standing dedication and wish him every success in future endeavours.

Mr Pentland, who was the founding CEO of DecoNetwork, said “We’ve achieved so much since I first took on this position back in 2006, but we have no interest in resting on our laurels; we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers develop and streamline their businesses.

“Over the years since we founded the company, we’ve expanded DecoNetwork to over 23 countries across the world, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. We’re now providing 24-hour, 5-day-a week support to our clients. We’ve developed simple, comprehensive business solutions for screen printers, embroiderers, sublimators, printers and most custom decoration processing companies. We have an unsurpassed online catalog experience thanks to our strategic partnership with industry product suppliers.”

Yet Mr Pentland is adamant that there is still more work to do.

“Perseverance is one of our values, and that’s not just words - we mean it,” he explained. “For example, we’re in a process of continuous improvement of our existing Business Hub. We’re integrating accounting systems, payment gateways and shipping providers into our quote, order and production management system. The easier basic processes are, the more time our clients can spend on expanding their own product horizons and widening their market reach.”

Research and development is another important area which Mr Pentland intends to pursue with enthusiasm.

“Standing still isn’t an option in the 21st century,” said Mr Pentland. “We’re constantly looking into new areas of concern for our customers and brainstorming solutions. We’re innovators; we want to create an enhanced and more productive experience for both existing and new clients. Our success is absolutely reliant on our customers’ success. Why wouldn’t we be looking to make their business experience easier and more enjoyable?”

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