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DecoNetwork and Microsoft® showcasing latest in touch-screen kiosk technology at ISS Long Beach

Sydney, Australia: January 16, 2012 - DecoNetwork Pty. Ltd. and Microsoft Corporation will showcase the latest in touch-screen kiosk technology at the ISS Long Beach (CA, USA) tradeshow between January 20th and 22nd 2012 at booth 465.

On display will be DecoKiosk™, a ‘design your own’ touch-screen kiosk powered by the DecoNetwork platform, Microsoft® Surface™ technology and CorelDRAW® graphics capability.

This innovative solution allows consumers to personalize products on any Windows®-based touch-screen device such as portable tablet or wide-screen monitor and is managed remotely from anywhere in the world through the DecoNetwork platform.

As an add-on to a DecoNetwork subscription, DecoKiosk can be a complementary sales tool in a busy printer’s showroom to assist with order taking. It can also be remotely positioned in an airport lounge for self-serving consumers to purchase those last minute personalized gifts.

“In my 30 years in the industry this is by far the most exciting time to be in” explains Martin Kristiaman, CEO of DecoNetwork. “This technology is the future of the decoration industry at a time when each of us carry our own touch-screen device in our pocket every day. DecoKiosk literally puts personalization into the hands of consumers, dramatically reducing the cost of producing mass customization and personalization quantity one.”

“Our customers who have trialled DecoKiosk are extremely excited about the possibilities and are forming whole new business models around this ground-breaking step forward in the custom decoration industry.”

DecoKiosk is available for pre-order as an add-on to the DecoNetwork platform.

About DecoNetwork:


DecoNetwork is the leading developer of e-commerce and business solutions for the decoration industry. We are passionately dedicated to improving the working life of custom goods decorators by developing smart and practical solutions that increase business’ performance and achieve new levels of productivity.



From the front-end online designer or retail kiosk, to the back-end order management, DecoNetwork is the turnkey solution for the decoration industry built on innovation and experience.

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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