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DecoNetwork announces team expansion

Gold Coast, Australia - April 2016

Pursuing a business vision can be a brutal process in an increasingly competitive world. At DecoNetwork, however, the company’s success in creating the go-to technology and a gold standard of service in the decorated apparel industry has meant more opportunities for employment, not fewer.

In line with the DecoNetwork strategy of accelerated global growth, CEO Neil Pentland has announced four important new appointments.

“We welcome Bryan Macz to the team. He’s a veteran of the t-shirt industry, with experience ranging from design to production,” said Mr Pentland. “DecoNetwork’s ability to provide prompt and reliable assistance to clients through our Client Services team is key to our continuing expansion, and Bryan will be a valuable contributor.”

Chris Beck, an award-winning web designer with many years’ experience, is another new team member.

“Chris will be invaluable,” noted Mr Pentland. “His past work with corporate clients has been extremely impressive and he has significant experience with both small and medium enterprises. We look forward to seeing him use his skills to create reliable and user-friendly sites for our European clients.”

Mr Pentland explained that Dave Carey, a twelve-year veteran of web design, will fill a similar role to Mr Beck for the North American market.

“Again, we look forward to seeing Dave put his significant skill set to use in creating trouble-free online services which our clients can use with minimal assistance.”

Finally, Ammber Doyle will join DecoNetwork’s corporate team in Australia.

“Ammber has the drive and initiative to push our Design and Marketing concepts into the future,” said Mr Pentland. “We’re looking forward to seeing her pull new ideas together in her role as Coordinator and turn them into fresh and viable options for our customers.”

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