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DecoNetwork announces the release of DecoNetwork 7

Sydney, Australia: August 25, 2014 - DecoNetwork Pty Ltd today announced the launch of DecoNetwork 7, the latest release of its flagship ecommerce platform for the custom decoration industry. .

DecoNetwork 7 addresses many of the challenges decorators face from selling online, purchasing with suppliers, managing production, and competing in a fast-paced digital landscape of growing competition..

Key improvements to DecoNetwork 7 include:

  • Live purchase order integration with major suppliers such as SanMar, S&S Activewear, Bodek & Rhodes and BtC Activewear eliminating the costly and error prone administration of purchasing.
  • Detailed production dashboard that provides a 360 view of the ordering, purchasing, production and shipping phases of an order.
  • Area based pricing to allow for even more accurate pricing for printing and sublimation based on the surface size printed.
  • SmartSelect™ technology that intelligently categorised supplier products by their fabric, color, stretchability and accessories such as zips and. By configuring your SmartSelect™ rules you can instantly filter thousands of products from dozens of suppliers to ensure only products safe to decorate by your decoration processes are selected and available to sell on your website or within DecoNetwork’s Business Hub™ order management software.
  • Plus dozens of other wide ranging improvements.

DecoNetwork empowers consumers to go online, select items from Apparel and Promotional Products, and customize to suit their mood or their event. It also addresses the core challenge of traditional sales by providing the tools sales people need to accurately and efficiently generate orders, anytime, anywhere.

Martin Kristiaman, CEO of DecoNetwork explains "When it comes to ecommerce or online business, decorators often think that all they need is a website with an online designer. That is a small part of what they need to be successful. DecoNetwork 7 is a 360' business solution. For the first time decorators have a complete view and control over their business, both online and offline."

The barrier of cost to going online is also removed, with DecoNetwork 7 featuring a suite of new product levels starting as low as $39 per month with no up-front set-up or activation fees, and no on-going transaction fees.

For more information on DecoNetwork 7 please visit

About DecoNetwork

DecoNetwork is the leading developer of robust eCommerce business management system which is developed specifically for the custom decorator. DecoNetwork streamlines business operations, from sending professional looking quotes, order processing, invoicing and payment processing, automation through production ready design files, production management, production outsourcing, purchase order and live ordering to catalog suppliers, inventory, shipping, to efficient customer management and powerful communication tools, to custom websites, online designer and tools to grow your business.

With a global team in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, we are passionately dedicated to improving the working life of custom goods decorators by developing intelligent and practical solutions that increase business’ performance and achieve new levels of productivity.

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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