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DecoNetwork puts focus on stress-free business

Los Angeles, CA : DecoNetwork has announced the release of DecoNetwork Version 7.1.01 as of February 24, 2016.

Product Manager Brenden Prazner reports that the company has continued its policy of listening to the ongoing needs of business owners to inform the latest update. Many user-friendly new features have been included, in keeping with DecoNetwork’s mission to building an agile, industry-specific platform which remains in touch with the customer’s changing needs.

"We want to help our users to run their businesses more efficiently and with fewer stressful foul-ups," said Mr Prazner. "One particularly useful innovation is our new font management system. You can control what fonts are available for each decoration process in your Online Designer, which ensures your clients will only select fonts that work well with that process. It sets the wrong tone when you have to pull back after the client’s made a decision and say ‘sorry, that’s not possible’, so we’ve minimized the chance of that happening."

Given that breakdowns in customer relations impact on costs and profit margins, DecoNetwork 7.1.01 has also addressed several common points of failure.

"One thing we’ve identified and worked to exclude is miscommunication with the client," said Prazner. "I’ve been on the other side of this equation myself and I know how easily misunderstandings can occur. They can cost you, both in terms of your client’s confidence in your business and your own peace of mind. A complete change-history is now recorded against each order, highlighting both the change and the team member who made it. If there’s a record of how the order evolved, it reduces the chance of confusion."

Prazner noted that in response to feedback from customers, version 7.1.01 allows users to provide as little or as much detail into the production process as they wish by editing the order status names seen by the client.

"Statuses can range from a simple 'In production' to multiple steps like 'Awaiting purchase order', 'Awaiting stock', 'Awaiting artwork' or whatever is appropriate to that business' individual needs," he added.

The new version also enables users to:

  • rename the folders in file manager,
  • attach additional files to artwork approvals,
  • upload customers’ designs for re-use in quotes and orders,
  • create ‘extra charge’ only orders,
  • consolidate production worksheets,
  • add an optional email template to notify customers that production is complete,
  • add a vendor invoice number to purchase orders,
  • export order payments, batch-download invoices, and
  • show failed payments against the order payments tab.

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