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Erich Campbell joins DecoNetwork

Erich Campbell

Atlanta, Georgia - March 20th, 2017

Atlanta, GA - DecoNetwork is proud to announce that industry guru Erich Campbell will be joining DecoNetwork as our new Partner Relationship Manager.

In his new role, Erich will be responsible for working with DecoNetwork partners in North America. He will also champion DecoNetwork’s educational initiatives, including webinars, blogs, videos, and more.

Erich has many years of experience both in production and management of e-commerce properties and understands the full value of a reliable, versatile tool like DecoNetwork.

“DecoNetwork has been a trusted companion in my work,” Erich says. “I’ve been on the other side of the counter and I’ve come to respect them as dedicated people who believe in and stand by their product. I’m looking forward to being part of the team and seeing what this new combination of personalities, ideas and abilities will bring to the industry.”

Erich has always had an eye towards making the decorated apparel industry stronger, more profitable and easier to navigate, whether through digitizing, writing or education.

“Being a part of projects that I know will benefit the whole garment decorating community makes me come alive,” he says. “Joining the DecoNetwork team means that I'll be able to help decorators put tools in place that, in my experience, have worked better than anything else on the market. I can help them build strong industry relationships, refine their ideas, and create novel solutions to their problems. I’m empowered to help our clients succeed.”

Erich will also be intimately involved in DecoNetwork’s future development, utilising his more than 18 years’ hands-on experience in the embroidery and decorated goods industry.

“Now that I’m at DecoNetwork, I can give my industry peers the benefit of what these tools can offer and share my extensive on-the-job experience with the wonderful people on the DecoNetwork team as well as our customers. I know that we can make a difference for the people who need it most,” he says.

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