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New DecoNetwork version 5 takes ecommerce to a new level

Sydney, Australia: September 12, 2012 - DecoNetwork Pty. Ltd. today announced the public launch of DecoNetwork version 5, the latest release of its flagship ecommerce platform. Version 5 features a completely revamped backend user interface, product inventory support, CorelDRAW® vector text in the online designer plus additional control of product pricing and affiliate store management.

"We continue to be inspired by the diverse range of amazing DecoNetwork websites created daily, and through this growth and continual feedback from our community we’ve shaped version 5 to tackle the key challenges to selling online." said Brenden Prazner, Product Marketing Manager and Evangelist for DecoNetwork. "The time to build and set-up a website to sell online was our key focus in version 5. Plus with the addition of rich CorelDRAW® vector text in the front-end designer, the creative capabilities in DecoNetwork have expanded dramatically."

DecoNetwork version 5 breaks down the barriers to sell online

The improvements and new features in DecoNetwork version 5 were designed to simplify the process of building an industry-specify website while providing the latest in online designing and graphic technology for the printing and decorating industry.

New Feature Highlights:

  • New backed user interface: A complete redesign of the backend user interface has built an intuitive experience for the user with a core focus on day-to-day tasks.
  • New CorelDRAW® vector text: Create beautiful CorelDRAW® text directly in the DecoNetwork online designer through DecoNetwork’s unique CorelDRAW® vector engine integration. Without the need of CorelDRAW® on their computer, consumers can now create stunning CorelDRAW® text directly on any DecoNetwork powered website.
  • New product pricing options: Greater flexibility with pricing in version 5 allows product prices to be set by quantity breakdown.
  • Improved affiliate store management: Affiliate stores help you organically grow and promote your products and in version 5 the owner DecoNetwork can provide superior support to affiliate stores with improved control and access to affiliate store settings.
  • Improved product categories: Assign a product to an unlimited number of categories to assist consumers in locating them on your site. For example, assign a t-shirt to ‘Mens’ and ‘Summer wear’ categories to increase the promotion and sales potential of your products.
  • Improved website page management: Create website pages with ease using new and improved website page management tools. Easily add sub-pages and enable or disable web page widgets on you site.
  • New Store Focus: Configure the layout of your website with a single click to present website widgets and pages to target custom decorated products or promote your own creative designs.

"DecoNetwork version 5 is an important milestone for our company" said Martin Kristiaman, CEO of DecoNetwork. "Version 5 symbolizes a powerful evolution in our service and if the initial feedback from the 130+ testers in our beta program is any indication, version 5 is set to be our greatest release yet."

Kristiaman continues: "With e-retail spending in the US to increase 62% by 2016 the industry has been looking for a solution to embrace the growing opportunity and we believe DecoNetwork is firmly positioned to be that solution."

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Availability and pricing

DecoNetwork version 5 is now available by new subscription at from $99 per month. Existing customers will receive version 5 at no-charge as part of their on-going subscription to DecoNetwork.

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