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Apart from our extensive product, our team at DecoNetwork set us apart from the rest. Professional, fun and dynamic - our passionate team are focused on one task - your success - and through that DecoNetwork will continue to grow.

Leadership team

Neil Pentland

Neil Pentland - CEO

Our company’s vision to create and be the world’s enduring business technology of choice for the Custom Decoration Industry has set me on a mission to deliver on many fronts. The key to our success, I believe is contained in Richard Branson’s words: train people well enough so they can leave and treat them well enough so they will not want to.

I passionately embrace our company’s values that will drive us along this journey: be responsible; persevere; be empathetic; appreciate ingenuity and above all have fun. Whenever I get to break 90 on the golf course – now that is fun!

Brenden Prazner

Brenden Prazner - Product Manager & Evangelist

With 20 years' experience working in the decorated apparel industry (15 of which have been in software development), Brenden has enjoyed a variety of technical and commercial roles in a range of businesses from small owner-operators to large national leading apparel suppliers. With dreams of a technology-driven future, Brenden is living his dream job in the Internet world.

Mietek Woloszyn

Mietek Woloszyn - General Manager, The Americas

Originally from Poland, Mietek joined the DecoNetwork team in 2009 and has enjoyed many roles since then. After years of education he earned Master's Degree in Internet Technology from University of Georgia in 2015, and even though he prefers the European variety of Football, he feels obligated to support Georgia Bulldogs for life. His hobby is mainly a family, but he is not giving up on his passion for Martial Arts and continues his journey practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Mark Pentland

Mark Pentland - Development Manager & Systems Architect

Mark is a co-founder of DecoNetwork and as Systems Architect Mark oversees all aspects of development, both system and application, for the DecoNetwork platform. Between pure genius and the power of The Force, Mark performs miracles that our DecoNetwork users enjoy!

Greg Pentland

Greg Pentland - Project Manager & Business Analyst

Greg is also co-founder of DecoNetwork and spends most of his time between a keyboard and his surfboard. Easy going and enjoying life, as Project Manager Greg keeps DecoNetwork development on track plus oversees product design and development.

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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