Add a Gift Wrap option to your Products for the Holiday Season


“Really?  Christmas stuff already?”  You may have had this thought when reading the title of this post and it is the same thought I had when I noticed Christmas themed candies in the store the day after Halloween.  Whether we are prepared for the upcoming holiday season matters not, it is coming whether we are ready for it or not.

In these following steps I’ll show you how to add a Gift Wrap option (and charge extra for it too!) to for your products.

Go to Admin > Products > Custom Fields, and then click New Custom Field.


Leave “Field on by Default” and “Required” unchecked.  Give a Title and Description and then choose Type as Drop-down.


Click “Add Option” twice and then click “On” for both options.  Give the options of “No” and “Yes” (include the price with the Yes option) and choose “No” as the Default.

Now click the Gear icon to the right and check “Gift Wrap” affects price and add a surcharge to the “Yes” option.  Save your changes.


Go into any product to configure the Custom Field, check “Specify Custom Fields” and check the box On and Save.


You can apply this option to all of your products by going to Admin > Products > Product Defaults.  Click Edit next to Apparel (or any default you’d like to edit).  Now click Custom Fields, and check “On”.  Save changes.


Now this option will appear for the selected products on your website!

Read more about Custom Fields in our Help Article.  Using Custom Fields in Products

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