DecoNetwork Affiliate Store Domains Explained – Zach Dewhurst

What Is A Domain Name?

Internet domain names serve to identify websites with a text-based label.

DecoNetwork Domain Names

Within DecoNetwork, when a new affiliate website is launched it must have a default suffix domain name attached to it, with “” being the most common. After an affiliate website is launched the domain name can easily be changed to any custom domain name that you own by configuring the DNS settings (domain registrar) to point to DecoNetwork’s servers. If affiliates add their own custom domain name, or if they don’t intend on adding their own, it is a good idea to add a domain name you own to act as the default suffix portion of the domain when a site is launched.

What Is A Subdomain Name?

A subdomain name is an internet domain name that is part of a larger domain name, which serves to identify websites with a text-based label.

DecoNetwork Subdomain Names

As an example, if you own the domain name “”, you can allow a new website to launch with a subdomain as “”.

A fulfillment center can make domain names they own available to act as the suffix portion of the default domain name when launching a new website. Existing websites can also have the default suffix domain name changed to one that a fulfillment center has made available.

How To Configure Store Domains

Log into DecoNetwork and navigate to Admin > Websites > Store Domains

  • Read the full tutorial here.


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