Affiliate Stores – DecoNetwork FAQs

This week, we’re focusing on creating affiliate stores and the steps involved in fully setting up temporary (or long-term) sites. We’re going to touch on how to actually create the site, where to edit commissions and pricing, and how to add those fancy countdown timers! I’ll also link below a help article related to shutting down those affiliate sites, as there are a host of options available to do that.

*Affiliate stores are available on Premium and Enterprise accounts.

How do I create an affiliate store?

Creating an affiliate store begins by going to your Admin area, and then to your Websites section. Click “Add Store” and select who owns the store. (If you’re utilizing commissions to pay out profits to the store, select that someone else owns the store). Click Save, then fill in the fields on the next page. If this is a store for another person, create a username for that person/organization, as well as a password, set the store URL, and provide an email address to the person who would like to get updates on orders. Agree to the terms, and save the store.

You can edit the website from here, as well as setting up commissions and decorated products. Cris goes in depth on how to edit the website and touches on a few other topics along the way in the video below. Be sure to look for the time-stamp at 5:41.

How do I allocate a commission to a sales person, school, or site?

In DecoNetwork, markup and commissions are handled via two main areas. On the store level, you can edit the markdown, or commission percentage, in the Administration > Store Commission Settings area. This value marks down your products a percentage to allow the store itself to mark products up for their profit.

This works very similarly to wholesale pricing vs. retail. With the commission set at a percentage, you’re generating wholesale pricing. When you, or your client, set a markup, either on the decorated products or in the Price Settings, that profit is what is used to set the retail pricing.

An example of this is as follows:

Product Base Price$10.00Garment price with global markup
Product Decoration Cost$10.00Global decoration price
Global Retail Price$20.00Before markdown/markup
Commission = 20%-$4.00Percentage set in Commission Settings
Total Wholesale Price$16.00Fulfillment Center Portion
Markup = 25%+$4.00Percentage set in Price Settings
Commission Portion Paid Out
Final Retail Price$20.00fter markdown/markup
What the customer is charged

We have quite a few resources available to help understand and set up commissions on our help page, as well as around our blog.

How to I embed a countdown widget?

Currently, DecoNetwork does not have a built-in countdown widget. Thanks to the DecoNetwork HTML Widget, that doesn’t limit us from utilizing countdowns on our site! We shared a sample countdown timer snippet on our forums. Alternatively, you can also utilize a counter widget generator for your embed code, or you can write your own.

Once you’ve got your countdown timer code copied (I recommend taking the easy route and using the outside source), simply move an HTML widget to wherever you’d like your timer widget to live and paste the code. Make sure to save that widget and publish your site after previewing it, and you’re good to go. I’ll link Cris’s video from our youtube channel below to give you a bit more guidance.

How do I shut down the affiliate site when not using it?

There are a host of options for shutting down a site, more details here.

While we do have a plethora of resources for creating and shutting down sites, we completely understand that you may still have questions. Feel free to reach out to us in support or check out our help articles.

For DecoNetwork Support:
Check out our Help Articles
Check out our YouTube Channel


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