Back to School Tax Free Weekend

August, is that time of the year in United States where most general sales tax holidays take place to help parents save money on their kids’ back-to-school shopping needs. Below you will find some of the states offering tax-free weekends for clothing in the next 30 days:

  • Mississippi: Jul 28-29th, 2017
  • Tennessee: Jul 28-30th, 2017
  • Virginia: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • Florida: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • South Carolina: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • Oklahoma: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • New Mexico: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • Missouri: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • Louisiana: Aug 4-5th, 2017
  • Iowa: Aug 4-5th, 2017
  • Ohio: Aug 4-6th, 2017
  • Arkansas: Aug 5-6th, 2017
  • Texas: Aug 11-13th, 2017
  • Maryland: Aug 13-19th, 2017
  • Connecticut: Aug 20-26th, 2017

Obviously, in DecoNetwork, you can set your products to be tax exempt in an effortless way by following the steps below.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork Admin section and click on Products
  2. Next, select Product Defaults and click edit next to Apparel (or/and any other product default)
  3. Select Tax exempt checkbox and save the changes
  4. Start promoting your tax-free weekend.

Ps. Don’t forget to undo it after the tax-free weekend is over.


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