Using DecoNetwork’s Global Font Management tool you can conveniently set the default font and color of the text in the designer.  You can do this for each decoration process as well!

  • Navigate to Admin > Websites > Global Designer Settings > Global Font Management.

(Note: For users on the Standard plan, this option is available at Admin > Website > Designer Settings > Font Management.)

  • From here you will then check the box for “Manage available fonts” and then choose the default font you would like for each decoration process.

Click Save and you’re all set!  Now let’s set the default color for this text…..

  • Admin > Decoration Process > Click the Decoration Process you would like to edit > Color Palettes

  • Click Manage and then Edit next to the color palette

  • Now choose the color you wish to select to be the default selection
  • Click OK, then Save and you’re done!  Now you have your favorite font set up with the color of your choosing as the first option your customers will use.

For more information on Font Management please visit Global Font Management.




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