In your list of websites, there are three columns: Commissions Paid, Commissions Cleared, Commissions Held

What do these mean?


Commissions Paid :  This is the commission payment amount that you have already paid out to your affiliate.

Commissions Cleared : This is the commission amount that is ready to be paid out, but has not yet been paid to the affiliate.

Commissions Held:  This commission amount is currently in a holding period determined by the  “Max Days” setting of the shipping method associated with the order.  So if the shipping method has a Max Days setting of 7 days, once the 8th day rolls around after shipment, the commission amount will then move to the Commissions Cleared column.


Hope this helps!


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  1. Tony, How do you actually pay the affiliates their commission? We cant find any tutorials or documentation on how to do this anywhere.

    • Hey Tim,

      You can pay all affiliate stores in bulk using PayPal Mass Payments (Admin > Websites > Store Commission Settings > PayPal Mass Payments) or you can pay on a store by store basis (Admin > Websites > Click Manage of the website to pay > Commissions > Review Commissions.

      Hope this helps!

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