Commissions Paid, Cleared, Held….what do they mean?

In your list of websites, there are three columns: Commissions Paid, Commissions Cleared, Commissions Held

What do these mean?


Commissions Paid :  This is the commission payment amount that you have already paid out to your affiliate.

Commissions Cleared : This is the commission amount that is ready to be paid out, but has not yet been paid to the affiliate.

Commissions Held:  This commission amount is currently in a holding period determined by the  “Max Days” setting of the shipping method associated with the order.  So if the shipping method has a Max Days setting of 7 days, once the 8th day rolls around after shipment, the commission amount will then move to the Commissions Cleared column.


Hope this helps!

Tim April 24, 2018

Tony, How do you actually pay the affiliates their commission? We cant find any tutorials or documentation on how to do this anywhere.

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