CorelDRAW X6 is released!

Another great release from our friends at Corel!

Check out this video preview of CorelDRAW X6:

Or visit the official product page at:

And take it from someone who was on the CorelDRAW X6 beta – it’s pretty awesome!

Full Pro Keys June 5, 2020

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Aaron Yan February 1, 2020

The best graphic suite available for all kinds of users grateful for the tips here

Brenden Prazner April 3, 2012

Hi Betty, Not sure about that one! I highly recommend you contact the Wilcom team via FYI DecoNetwork is now an independent company from Wilcom and 100% focusing on the DecoNetwork platform. So for Wilcom software queries best to check with Wilcom. Hope this helps!

Betty Bickford April 3, 2012

If I upgrade to version 6 through Corel, will it automatically connect with Wilcom 1.5 level 1 or do I have to purchase from Wilcom.

Tommy Vann March 22, 2012

Hey Brenden - Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the X^ notice - I wasn't aware. How was the learning curve from X5?

Brenden Prazner March 22, 2012

Hi Brian, Actually we do support Apple products. We are the only online designer solution that works on Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone as we are non-flash based.

Brian March 22, 2012

I noticed Deco Network is using Apple products as a marketing strategy, yet promoting software that does not support Apple products...

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