Creating a CorelDRAW template for use in DecoNetwork

It’s relatively easy to create a CorelDRAW design template for use in DecoNetwork’s online design as per this example:

Here are some tips to guide you along the way.

Keep text as text

When you make a template DecoNetwork detects any text objects and makes these text objects available for the consumer to edit. It is important the text objects are not grouped with any other object. A grouped object will not be editable in the online designer.

Group objects to create selectable groups

You can control which objects are available on their own as selectable objects or grouped together with object objects by simply grouping them in CorelDRAW.

See the template at:

As you can see it has 1 text object and 6 colored rectangle objects.

The text object is editable on the website:


In the original .CDR file I’ve grouped the last two objects (the orange and magenta object) and as a result DecoNetwork has represented those two objects as a group on the website:

DRAWtemplate_002The remaining 4 objects which were NOT grouped in CorelDRAW have come in grouped in DecoNetwork:


This is automatically don’t to protect the website from a CorelDRAW file that may contain hundreds or thousands of separate objects. This would be unmanageable in online designer environment and not very user-friendly for the consumer.

Effects in CorelDRAW like fountain fill, contour, distort, drop shadow, envelop, transparency and others can be used on objects in CorelDRAW and are maintained when uploaded to DecoNetwork.

Just make sure when you upload your CorelDRAW file that you check “Split into template” to ensure it is saved in a way that allows your customers to edit the template on your website.

Michael May 7, 2013

How do you create a vector object that can change colour, like the Digital Art Solutions templates?

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