Crickets don’t buy – Import your customers to your website to encourage sales

Crickets are cute but they lack the financial resources to buy from you so if your website has crickets (no visitors) then you won’t sell much at all! The best way to kick-start  sales on your website is to import your existing customers directly into you DecoNetwork website.

Two things will happen:

  1. DecoNetwork will create the customer a user account on your website.
  2. DecoNetwork will automatically send your customers a welcome email (which you can customize!)

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Browse to you DecoNetwork website and login
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment Center > Customers > Import Customers
  3. Select the green link “Download Samples CSV file

Open this CSV file in Excel. This file is your template to populate with your customers details. It contains various columns such as email, salutation, first name, last name, phone number, address, city, State and others. Don’t worry – you don’t need to complete all the information but you should include their name and email address as a minimum.

Populate the CSV template and save it back to a .CSV file. When you are ready to import your customer return to Manage Fulfillment Center > Customers > Import Customers.

There are several options you can use when importing customers:

Create website account: When checked this will create a username and password automatically for your customer. A great convenience!

Send welcome email: When checked this will send a welcome email containing the username and password (if you selected that option) directly to the customers you import.

Customizing the welcome email

As with most options in DecoNetwork you can customize the welcome email that is sent to your customers.

To do this:

  1. Browse to Manage Fulfillment Center > Customers > Correspondence Settings
  2. Select the Email templates tab
  3. Locate the “Account-welcome email” and click Configure
  4. Select the Customize template tab and check the Override default template checkbox
  5. Make any changes you like using HTML

Send a welcome coupon code to you customers

A great tip to encourage your imported customers to visit your new website and purchase is to send them a coupon code along with the welcome email.

Coupon codes can be generated by:

  1. Browse to Manage Fulfillment Center > Fulfillment Settings > Configure Coupons
  2. Click New Coupon
  3. Complete the coupon code form and copy the “Coupon Code” you generated into your welcome email template




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