DecoNetwork 7.5 and 8 update

Our previews of the new features and updates over the past few months have been met with much excitement and anticipation, so we wanted to give you the scoop on our plans for DecoNetwork version 7.5 and 8.

But guess what? We’ve got some great news! Sometimes stars align and some features and improvements are completed sooner than expected, and in following with DecoNetwork’s “release it as we build it” policy we’re excited to announce a newly formed DecoNetwork version 7.5.

Previously DecoNetwork 7.5 was primarily focused around the new SVG vector designer, meanwhile DecoNetwork 8 was focused around the new back-end administration, responsive online designer, responsive themes and web page builder.

Each of these areas have been worked on by various teams each focusing hard to deliver their innovation as soon as possible while maintaining the level of quality DecoNetwork users have come to expect.

The great news is the new and redesigned mobile-responsive administration backend design team are ahead of schedule and instead of holding these new improvements back we’ve decided to merge these changes into DecoNetwork version 7.5. When we floated this idea with our end-user beta testing team the overwhelming response was ‘Get it out there!’ sighting the significant user-experience improvements they have experienced.

This merge means you will be able to experience the new DecoNetwork sooner rather than later! 7.5 delivers a well-designed and refreshing experience with intuitive menus, consistent page layouts and backed by hundreds-of-pages of help articles and videos. These changes do not affect in any way the development of DecoNetwork 8, which we know you’re all very eager to get your hands on! 🙂

Some of the improvements you can now look forward to receiving in DecoNetwork 7.5 are:

  • Powerful vector-based online designer engine with real-time text and color previews.
  • Automatic color detection of uploaded designs for screen printing.
  • Easy color reduction slider to reduce and automatically merge colors in a design.
  • Responsive consumer-facing account management screen for your customers to view their orders, make payments or re-order.
  • New role-based dashboards providing detailed overview of your business or individual operator performance.
  • Template Builder allowing the creation of customizable templates without the need of complicated and expensive graphics software.
  • Accounting integration with software such as QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, Sage, Xero.
  • Faster and simpler setup wizard plus a series of interactive walk-through tutorials that introduce you to some of the key functions and capabilities of DecoNetwork.
  • Hundreds-of-pages of help articles and videos.
  • … and a whole stack more!

DecoNetwork 7.5 preview images

DecoNetwork 7.5 user interface.
The new DecoNetwork 7.5 user interface.


Role-based dashboards.
Obtain stunning insights with the new role-based dashboards.


DecoNetwork Template Builder.
Build customizable templates with the new DecoNetwork Template Builder.


Mobile responsive account management.
Empower your customers to manage their account in the new mobile responsible account management.


DecoNetwork help website
Get help when you need it. Over 200 detailed help articles.



Now the big question: when!

We aim to release DecoNetwork 7.5 at ISS Long Beach this coming January.



Meanwhile in DecoNetwork 8 world, our senior development team have been working on the completely new mobile responsive front-end themes and online designer plus the unbelievably powerful web page builder. You’re going to love it!

DecoNetwork 8
DecoNetwork 8 website page builder and online designer.

Stay tuned to our blog and forums for more updates.

Happy Deco’ing!


Mike Barlow February 2, 2017

Hi Brenden The easier it gets the faster sites get built which means were all happy !! On the sage one system will this link in with sage online 50 ?

Chad Crowley January 20, 2017

When will 7.5 and 8 be available?

Alex December 22, 2016

Are you still planning to release the 7.5 version in January?

Marc December 1, 2016

Super, responsiveness is key !!! My favorite is: Build customizable templates with the new DecoNetwork Template Builder. Would you please consider to build an invoice integration for freshbooks. To make things most flexible integration with Zapier would be a nice to have function. That would be perfect! Thank you. best regards Marc

Thierry Gbolovi November 24, 2016

Thanks you! Good Job.