DecoNetwork 8 – Available Now!

After an incredible amount of work in design, development, and testing, DecoNetwork 8 is here!

With version 8, we recommitted ourselves to bringing DecoNetwork to forefront of eCommerce and site design. The features we built not only answer the needs of your increasingly mobile customer base, but put our front-end product on par with website solutions you’ll only find in the mainstream. Imagine, you can now have tools as feature complete and easy to use as any major site design suite, entirely integrated with BusinessHub, our collection of eCommerce and shop management tools built specifically for the way decorators work.

Join our Erich and Victor for a quick tour, including a live mobile demonstration!

DecoNetwork 8 can have you creating attractive, fully-featured, and mobile-friendly sites without costly custom coding, today. If you can open a menu, drag and drop a widget, and tweak a few options, you can have a professional-looking site and eCommerce store.

DecoNetwork 8 Features

Sign up with DecoNetwork and you’ll be immediately empowered with the game-changing features of version 8, including these stand-out improvements:

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Sites

Customers can design and shop easily from any device. DecoNetwork Version 8 is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring a frictionless, enjoyable experience on any device; no matter the size or orientation of the display.

DecoNetwor 8 mobile friendly online designer steps

Fully Responsive Online Designer

Customers can upload designs, add text, and customize apparel and accessories from any device with an industry-first responsive designer that scales and reorients itself live.DecoNetwork has a Drag and Drop Website Designer

Drag and Drop Website Designer

Click, drag, and change website settings visually and in real time, all without touching HTML or CSS. Anyone can create custom looks and add useful features from our premade widget library!

Making it easier to do business everywhere.

We have the tools to make every step of your work easier. For years, BusinessHub has taken jobs, online or off, from first contact to fulfillment; managing customer information, quotes, approvals, purchasing, production, and shipping with ease. Now, our new website designer makes creating and managing your shop’s site and stores just as straightforward while our mobile-responsive online designer renders customizing products easy for you and your customers.

We can’t wait to see what you do with DecoNetwork 8.

If you haven’t signed up for DecoNetwork and you’d like to learn more about how version 8 can make your business better, take advantage of our offer for potential clients and book a one-on-one tour!



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