DecoNetwork 8 – Update 4 (8.004) Now Available: Major Taxes Overhaul (+172 tasks completed)

In this release, DecoNetwork focused on much requested improvements to our tax system. We’ve made the system more flexible, allowing you to do the following:

  • Create tax groups.
  • Create separate tax breakdowns per zip code (Huge improvement!)
  • Edit System taxes (Highly demanded)
  • Apply certain taxes at the product and product default levels.
  • Override tax values at the product level.

We have also added extensive documentation to explain these improvements in more detail:

What else is new?

You can find more in the update release notes, but some of the notable improvements include:

  • Added the ability to override the ‘Links Hover option’ in the List of Links widget.
  • Panel titles on each widget can now be aligned left, center, or right.
  • Color picker now updates selected element color live in the DN8 Designer.
  • and lots more!

Updates to your DecoNetwork system happen automatically in the background without any action required from you. Simply sit back and enjoy the new functionality!

Denis July 27, 2018

Since release of the update we have major problems with correct tax calculation. For quotes DN doesn't calculate the correct tax amount. The issue here is, that you only may notice the incorrect amount, once you have sent the quote to the customer already. In Bus-Hub it all looks good but on the PDF attached to the quote email, you'll see a very low tax amount. If you re-open the quote in BH, it will also display the same low amount in the quote then. This will need urgent fix. Disappointingly support ticket 57593 reply was to check release notes and tax settings. :-(