DecoNetwork 8 – Update #7 (8.007) – New theme templates, added Business Hub features, and more! (+121 tasks completed)

DecoNetwork 8 – Update 8.007 is out now

In this latest update, several intuitive features and improvement have been implemented. These features and improvements include the ability to print worksheets directly from Business Hub, ability to quickly copy an entire quotes or order, two new theme templates, and 121 tasks completed with this update.

Updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers

Full DecoNetwork 8 version 8.007 release notes – View Now

Some notable improvements include the following:

  • New: Option to print from Business Hub
    Invoices and production worksheets can now be directly printed from within Business Hub. A great time saver here! This has been a highly requested feature. #14 request in the Top 100 Ideas.
  • New: Added ability to copy quote in Business Hub
    You can now copy a whole quote or order directly from within Business Hub. Another great productivity improvement. #53 request in the Top 100 Ideas.
  • New: Details of decorated products built from blank products
    Each blank product now has a tab which lists (and links through to) all the decorated products that have been built from a blank product.
  • New: Added brand option against blank products widget
    Added option to display the brand against blank product lists and on the blank products page.
  • New: Extended logging against Purchase Order log
    Added more detail against a SKU item to display current Purchase Orders that contain the SKU items.
  • New: Added two new themes
    Two fresh themes have been added for customers to select.
  • Improved: Moved the Theme Selector into the Website Editor
    Based on feedback, we have moved the select theme functionality into the DN8 webpage editor.
JON LORTZ October 25, 2018

I love the updates! Great fixes that will really help speed up our ordering process. Thank you!

Sarah, Print & Embroidery Industry October 25, 2018

I absolutely LOVE the print direct options - great work, Deconet.

Adryan October 24, 2018

Deco network! You guys are amazing. It is refreshing to see you guys come out with so many new updates. So powerful and nimble that really help with the workflow! Proud Deconetwork subscriber for almost 4 years!! -Garment Decor