DecoNetwork 8 – Update #8 (8.008) – New production status feature, online designer preview link, and more! (+138 tasks completed)

DecoNetwork 8 – Update 8.008 is out now

In this latest DecoNetwork update, several new features and improvement have been implemented. The features and improvements include the heavily requested Production Statuses in Business Hub,  support for single-use coupon code per customer, a new preview link in DecoNetwork’s Online Designer, and 138 tasks completed with this update.

Updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers

Full DecoNetwork 8 version 8.008 release notes – View Now

Some notable improvements include the following:

  • New: Production Statuses
    You can now define custom statuses that can be applied to items in the production stage. Statuses are color coded and are automatically assigned depending on the product being decorated and process(es) applied. Setting up and using the statuses is super simple and provides great clarity into the current status of each order.

    Production Statuses Help Articles:
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    How Do I Use Production Statuses in Business Hub – View Now

  • New: Added support for anchor tags in List of Links Widget
    You can now create links that point to an anchor on a page in the List of Links Widget. The widget now identifies links starting with “#” and correctly points the link to the anchor.
  • New: Added collapsed rendering mode to widgets
    Several widgets can now render in a collapsed mode. This mode is great for category structures where, in mobile mode, you want the content to be condensed and expanded when desired. We have added it in a flexible way, where you can select to render in collapsed mode, for a chosen screen resolution.
  • New: Added support for single-use coupon per customer
    Added user limits to coupons. A coupon can now be set up with a limit of how many times a single user can use the coupon. This is to support the request of having single-use coupons per customer. If the customer is logged in on the Cart verify page then they will be informed when entering the coupon if they cannot use it due to the limit being reached. If the customer is not logged in when the coupon is entered then they will be informed on the Address page of the checkout if they sign in there and the limit has been reached. If this happens then they will be redirected back to Cart verify page and the coupon will be removed.
  • New: Added ability to print directly from POs and Shipping in BH
    You can now print directly from the Purchase Order stage and also Shipping stage in Business Hub. You are no longer required to download the PDF to print.
  • New: Added preview link in DN8 Designer
    Added the ability to preview the final composited mockup of designs in the DN8 mobile responsive Designer.
  • Improved: Stopped duplicate signups using same email address through checkout
    If an email address has already been registered when checking out through a store, the user is now notified and prompted to log in.
  • Improved: Optimized Business Hub
    Carried out several large code refactors to ensure Business Hub loads faster. This is an ongoing task that will continue to see improvements through to the next release.
Mick Sprinkle December 6, 2018

Any plans to include a Purchase Order to Outsourced Decorator like ShopVOX has? I'd love to switch to you all but that feature is a deal-breaker to me since I contract out ALL of my decoration.

Evan Cockshaw December 4, 2018

Just want to send a word of encouragement. It is SO SO Good to be invested into a platform and a company who take ongoing development seriously. You are on it! It's lovely to be a part of something that's not just languishing with no updates. We feel that any issues which might crop up will actually get fixed in a timely fashion AND every month or two we are treated to exciting new features we may not have even thought we needed. Thanks so much! Well done ... keep going!

Casey December 1, 2018

Great job DN! You guys have been busy after the initial release of DN8 and I am excited about everything you guys have done thus far. I am thankful that in such a short time DN8 has gone from 8.001 to 8.008. You listen to your customers and your hard work is paying off. Cheers!