DecoNetwork 8 – Update #9 (8.009) – 3 New API’s, Business Hub Inventory, Wilcom e4 Embroidery Engine, and More! (132 tasks completed)

In this latest DecoNetwork update (8.009), several requests made it in, such as accessed to inventory from within Business Hub, 3 new API’s that allow Enterprise subscribers to code against, introduction of a reorder button for customers in the order view, upgraded to Wilcom e4 embroidery engine, and 132 total tasks completed. As always, updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers.

Inventory in Business Hub

Access and manage inventory from within Business Hub. – Learn More

Inventory Management API

The Inventory Management API enables developers to build apps and integrations for managing your DecoNetwork inventory. – Learn More

Product Management API

The Product Management API enables developers to build apps and integrations for managing your DecoNetwork products. – Learn More

Purchase Order Management API

The Purchase Order Management API enables developers to build apps and integrations for managing your DecoNetwork purchase orders. – Learn More

Edit Username Options

Front end Account area now allows the customer to change their username. Business Hub is also updated to allow the operator to change a customer’s username. – Learn More

Support of Default Taxes for Free Form Items

You no have the ability to allow the “Free Form” product default to be edited to allow custom default taxes to be applied. – Learn More

Choose Between Quote/Order When Copying Order in Business Hub

When copying an order from within Business Hub, it can now be converted back to a quote, at the same time. A real time saver. – Learn More

Reorder Button From Within Customer View

Customer can now expect to see a large button on the customer view area of an invoice to easily reorder and flow through to checkout quickly. – Learn More

Upgraded Embroidery Engine to Wilcom e4

All the great embroidery features as before but now with the latest Wilcom e4 engine to render embroidery art files.

Meta Description Tags

Create unique meta description tags for products, decorated products, and design categories. Awesome for SEO improvements!

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nick January 28, 2019

When will there be a usefull CSV upload system for products?!

Eser January 25, 2019

We really need rush production fee option that applies to certain products only When can we see this feature?

greg pentland January 24, 2019

Hi Martin, We will be creating an internal stock pull process in the near future. We are getting this asked for more and more so is becoming a higher priority. Cheers, Greg

Martin January 24, 2019

Were there any changes to the inventory system other than it being accessible through the business hub? The prior Deco inventory system was/is essentially unusable because there was no process to verify that inventory was pulled from stock.

Kristin Struttmann January 24, 2019

Does the upgraded embroidery engine include the addition of the e4 fonts?