DecoNetwork Update 8.010

We have another DecoNetwork update (8.010) and additional requests given have been implemented, such as extended decoration detail summary within Business Hub, enhanced custom production statuses to deliver more value, new inventory pull sheets that can be generated against orders, new credit card field for email payment requests, and 64 total tasks completed. As always, updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers.

Extended Decoration Detail Summary

When viewing an order in Business Hub, we have added a decoration detail summary on hover for the decoration price field. This allows the user to gain detailed understanding of how the price has been calculated without having to edit the order.

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Added Enhancements To Production Status

Based on user feedback, we have enhanced custom production statuses to deliver more value. The list below is a few new features added in

  • Added production statuses to the View Order – Production screen
  • Added the Custom Status to the Overview Screen
  • Added ability to bulk set custom statuses from the Production List

Learn more about Production Statuses

Added Inventory Pull Sheets

We have added an Inventory Pull sheet that can be generated against an order. This pull sheet lists the inventory that has been pulled from stock for that order. This pull sheet can be generated from the Production tab when viewing an order. The Pull sheet is a new Template that can be edited.

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Added Stock Location To Inventory

Added a stock location field to Inventory. Each SKU now has a location field. If a SKU has a location then it will appear on the Order page in Business Hub on the Production tab when clicking and opening the popup for the Ordered or Received column. The SKU location has also been added to both versions of the Production Worksheet PDF and to the PO Stock sheet.

There are 4 ways to maintain inventory and all 4 have been changed to accommodate the new Location field.

  • Maintaining SKUs on the SKU tab of the blank product edit page
  • Bulk export and import of inventory from the blank products list page
  • Inventory page in Business Hub
  • Inventory API

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Added Email Option For Fulfillment Centers Sending Notes To Affiliate Store Owners

Added a checkbox “Send message to affiliate store owner’s email”, (ticked on by default), which will send an email to the store owner containing the title/message written by the Fulfillment Center.

Learn more about the Affiliate Store Owner

Added Credit Card Field For Email Payment Request

Added the CC field for email payment request.

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Added Email Template For Notifying Customers When Saved Layout Is Removed

Added a new email template named “Remove saved layouts warning” which can be customized by the FC. Users who have not logged in 50 days will receive an email saying that in 10 days their saved layouts will be removed due to inactivity, giving them a chance to log in and keep their saved layouts if they want. 10 days later (60 days without login), the cleanup will occur.

This gives Fulfillment Centers a great chance to communicate with customers not logging back into their site. The email is a templated email the Fulfillment Center can edit

Learn more about Email and Order Templates

Added Default Embroidery Stitch Count Option

Added new setting allowing you to specify the default embroidery stitch count.

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Added Job Names As Searchable In Business Hub Global Search

Added Job name to Search index within Business Hub.

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Added Tax Names To The Order Management API

Added “tax_names” as a comma-separated string to the Order Management API at both the order level and the line item level.

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