DecoNetwork – Update 8.011

We have another DecoNetwork update (8.011) and additional requests given have been implemented, such as allowing file attachments on internal notes, ability to add product Codes within the web builder, added stitch count and thread colors/names to quote/sales order/art approval, allowing emails to be turned off per order, and 88 total tasks completed. As always, updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers.

Allow File Attachments on Notes

While using the Internal notes functionality within the Business Hub, Internal notes and notes sent to the customer now support the ability to add file attachments.

Learn more about Internal Notes

Allow Control of Internal DecoNetwork Emails

Based on user feedback, all internal emails being sent when orders are placed, artwork approvals approved or payments made can now be controlled per user account. This allows greater flexibility on what emails are sent to each individual user.

Learn more about Roles and Notifications

Added Product Code to Front End

Within the Website builder, we have added the ability to add the product code as a field against the following widgets/pages:

  • Decorated product listing
  • Blank product detail
  • Decorated product detail
  • Designer
  • Shopping cart page
  • Checkout cart widget

Learn more about the Website Builder

Purchasing Team Member Role Now Has Inventory Access

We’ve added inventory access within Business Hub for the Purchasing role.

Learn more about Team Member Roles

Allow Emails To Be Turned Off Per Order

In the Business Hub under the email tab within an order, we have now added the ability to turn off email communication Due to some orders being hijacked by Spam, email communication can now be switched off per order.

Learn more about Email History for Quotes and Orders

Show PO Reference In Merge Popup

When merging an an order into an existing Purchase Order, the Purchase Order reference is now shown for further clarity.

Learn more about Purchase Orders

Added Stitch Count and Thread Colors/Names to Quote/Sales Order/Art Approval

More .EMB details can now be shown throughout the order process due to upgraded Wilcom Engine.

Learn more about Embroidery Production

Hide Shipped Line Items On The Production Screen

Added a new status on the Production list for showing just items awaiting production without any extra items within the order.

Learn more about Shipping

Optimized Loading Of Lists Within Business Hub

Further improvements made to speed up lists within Business Hub

Learn more about the Business Hub

View Full DecoNetwork 8.011 Release Notes

Tony T March 29, 2019

Where is the proper place to post requests for changes/updates/bug fixes?

pauleen soderqvist March 28, 2019

Thriled about embroidery element. Fantastic keep up the good work! Pauleen

Tom Vann March 27, 2019

Awesome updates, very excited about all but especially the emb file, thank you.  Tom

Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez March 27, 2019

👍 A lot of really good stuff herer and all possible thanks to everyones feedback on how to improve DecoNetwork. Cheers!