DecoNetwork – Update 8.012 Release Notes

New DecoNetwork update (8.012) with further requests implemented, such as new size field options, product thumbnails at checkout, improved ship packing options, and 114 total tasks completed. As always, updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers.

Size Options For Decorated Product Listings

Added option against decorated product listings to display the Size field.

Learn more about the Decorated Product Listing Widget

Cart Thumbnails

Thumbnails to represent items in shopping cart have been introduced.

Learn more about the Shopping Cart Widget

Shipping Packing Algorithm

Several enhancements added to the algorithm that works out package sizes when using live shipping and large quantities.

Learn more about Product Package Bundles

Menu Highlighting Sub-Children

Improve sub-children menu highlighting to indicate the active page.

Learn more about Customizing Drop-Down Menus

Allowed Spaces In Business Hub Filtering

Improved Business Hub Filtering search to allow leading/trailing spaces.

Learn more about Business Hub

Call To Action Buttons On Order Confirmation Pages

Improved the display and consistency of checkout buttons throughout the checkout process.

Learn more about Checkout Configuring

New Product Search Display Options

Added options against search results widget to specify how results are loaded, including display decoration price at search result page.

Learn more about the Search Widget

Full DecoNetwork 8.012 Release Notes


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