DecoNetwork 8.013 Update Release Notes

DecoNetwork update (8.013) is here and delivers several features and improvements, such as added control over artwork approvals, added TLS encryption for emails in transit, EU cookie notice options, and 59 total tasks completed. As always, updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork subscribers.

DecoNetwork 8.013 Update Release Notes

Unpaid Orders Now Appear In The Artwork Approvals

A setting has been added to allow quotes and orders not yet paid for to appear in Artwork Approvals.

Artwork Approvals Overview

TLS Encryption Added For Emails In Transit

Emails are now encrypted using TLS encryption when being sent if the receiving server supports it.

Email & Order Templates Overview

Improved – CSV Pricing Import

Products were still using Single Pricing after CSV import with prices supplied using the PiecePrice column. Import code has been adjusted so that imported products use SKU pricing mode when the PiecePrice column is specified.

Importing Products Overview

Improved – “Reset Pages” Default To Off When Changing Themes

When changing themes, the Reset Pages is now set to OFF by default, allowing customization of pages to be preserved.

Website Editor’s Theme Overview

Improved – Multi Size Field

The minimum width has been increased for multiple sizes fields to stop size entries from being cropped.

Product Sizing Overview

Fixed – PDF Colors Corrected For Designer

Implemented a clash-free color indexing mechanism to overcome index colors being chosen that exist in the source design. Improves all decoration processes.

Decoration Processes Overview

Fixed – EU Cookies Notice

EU cookie notice once enabled at a global store level, were not able to be disabled on systems with a single site plan. Fixed to allow the EU Cookie notice to be disabled on single site plans.

Global Store Options Overview

Ali July 5, 2019

#1 Another update you may want to look into is under Text effect on mobile devices like phone, customers like to visually see how much curve they are giving to text instead of going back and forth guessing! It would be nice if they visually see :) #2 18:04 for product size, Mind as well just have a pop-up for sizes instead of highlight since for some customers highlight (Yellow) hard to see or instead of wasting time looking for a box to enter sizes. Also, can the customer add more shirt colors for the same graphic? Example: "Design #1" G200 Gildan shirt color Daisy need 5(s), 1(M), Red color 1(s), 5 (m) making a total of 12 shirts min. a requirement for screen printing. Can they do that? You might want to add that feature in the next update! I am currently with ink soft, once your calendar and update above is active. I may switch with you guys! An issue with inksoft, website loading speed is way too slow, google page speed is very low rated. They must be using in house servers or something. Are you guys using in house as well or amazon cloud or something that can handle heavy traffic? Hope to see improvements. 

Printtheshirt June 19, 2019

Great, we hope we can work with Shopify integration soon! that would be a game changer.