DecoNetwork 8.014 Update Release Notes

The DecoNetwork update (8.014) is here and delivers several improvements and fixes towards Google indexing, artwork filtering, product pricing, product cache, and 114 total tasks completed. As always, updates are automatic for all DecoNetwork users.


DecoNetwork 8.014 Update Release Notes


Fixed: Google indexing

Several pages used in a pre-version 8 theme were still being indexed by Google. This is now resolved.

Fixed: Filtering artwork assigned jobs

Filtering artwork assigned jobs to “unassigned” was previously including assigned jobs as well. This query has been fixed to correctly return assigned results.

Fixed: Cloned site meta description and keywords

Meta descriptions and keywords variables were not flowing through when cloning a website. This is now resolved.

Fixed: Misaligned color swatches

Custom products with text fields with multiple colors had misaligned color swatches. We’ve added more space to fit color pickers and prevent wrapping.

Fixed: Displaying outdated pricing

Displaying outdated pricing was caused was by stores having “apply discounts to store markup” enabled when creating an Internet order, while Fulfillment Center has this setting disabled. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed: Custom fields not updating change not flushing product cache

From the admin page, making changes to a custom field did not always update the front-end website. We are now flushing cache upon saving custom field edits to fix the issue.

Fixed: Lost quote and order fields

When copying quotes or orders, not all fields were copied onto the new quote or order. To fix this we’ve ensured all data parameters are added onto the new order or quote when copying an existing order or quote.

Fixed: External checkout page styling

The complete external checkout page was not using the current DecoNetwork version 8 styling. Shop/complete_external_checkout page is now using DecoNetwork version 8 styling.

Fixed: Changing artwork job name

Changing the artwork job name was firing a long poll event back to the same client which in turn could get out of sequence if the name was changed multiple times. Added the “clientId” to the ajax call when updating the artwork job name so that the same client does not receive the long poll event. Also fixed the form submission triggering the Business Hub refresh.


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