DecoNetwork 8.503 Update – Release Notes

DecoNetwork 8.503 is here. This release adds automation to several features, along with new additions such as barcode order management, a countdown widget, payment filters, and more. To enable the recent update, click on the “Update Now” button located on your Admin page.


DecoNetwork 8.503 Update Release Notes


Barcode Order Management

Business Hub is now barcode aware within the Premium plan. Staff can scan a worksheet or order, then scan an action that has been printed on a custom action sheet. this can greatly reduce time and overhead for staff.

Batch Stores Enhancements

Stores marked as “batch” now appear in Business Hub as separate items under a new Batch Stores menu. Batch stores now have settings as to when orders are pushed through to production. Orders can be pushed through to production based on:

  • Manually set date
  • Countdown clock date
  • Have to be manually pushed through
  • Automatically pushed through

Managing stores marked as “batch” in this manner has been a large improvement based on customers’ feedback on how they want to manage particular stores.

Countdown Clock widget

A new Countdown Clock widget can be added to a store. When adding this widget you can set a countdown date. When this date passes, it can automatically close the store.

Purchase Order Enhancements For Batch Sites

Stores marked as batch no longer get consolidated at the purchase order step with all other orders. These orders are now separated out at the PO stage to make it easy to create Purchase Orders for a batch store.

Decorated Product Pricing & Behavior

The Fulfillment Center admin can now set decorated products pricing below wholesale if they wish. They can also set a custom commission, not related to the wholesale. Other options are ignoring minimum quantity settings for the process used and ignoring setup fees.

Customer List Enhancements

Where customers’ names are shown within a list in Business Hub, you can now see a notes indicator to see if the customer has any notes associated. This is even within creating an order. You can also hover over the customer name within lists to see an overview of the customer’s order statistics.

Quotes & Orders Payment Filter

When creating an Order or Quote within Business Hub, you can now specify what payment methods the customer can pay with these orders. The use case here is not allowing, say Paypal, payments in an order with tight margins.

Auto-Assign Shipping by Zipcode

DecoNetwork now has a zipcode filter option on the shipping methods setup. This is a great way to implement such things as a pickup method to only show for particular postcodes.

Auto-Assign Customers to Sales Members

Customers can now be assigned a sales member. Whenever that customer orders, the sales member is automatically assigned.

Auto-Assign Production Date When Creating Order

You can now set the production calendar schedule date when creating an order.

Auto-Assign Artwork Approval Statuses

When a customer responds to an artwork job via email it now changes the job status.

Barry Carter February 6, 2020

Nice work on the Batch Store PO's. Super convenient.  Previously, in order to segregate batch stores products onto their own PO's, I would first copy the desired products and configure them with a unique supplier name, such as "SanMar IMH". It was an effective but time consuming process. Thank you Developers.

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