DecoNetwork Sneak Peek, Calendar View

DecoNetwork Calendar View, coming soon!

A much requested feature is finally coming to DecoNetwork. That’s right! The Calendar View will soon be available to all DecoNetwork subscribers and will feature full production workflow integration, both week and month views, plus tons more.

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Andrew Dark May 23, 2019

Can we get signed up for beta too?  We currently use teamweek for our schduling, whch works really well but its a pain having to manually input each job.  What it does allow us to do is plat jobs onto different machines or staff members and apply an estimated prodcution time so we know at a glance how busy we are each day, which in turn helps us give estimated delivery times to clients. Hopefully we can do something similar with the deco calandar?

Adryan May 22, 2019

WOW! THIS IS AMAZING DECONETWORK! We literally create calendar views weekly.. This new feature is going to be AMAZING. Deconetwork for life!

Nicholas Slette May 22, 2019

We're considering subscribing to for our production schedule. Would you happen to have a launch date so we can decide if we should hold off on making a decision?