DecoNetwork Tutorial – Episode 15

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    1. Hey Dave, thanks for submitting your questions. Prior to going live, we’ll open up to comment area so you can leave us your questions before hand. During the live event, we’ll enable the LIVE chat, which allows you to interact with the host. Cheers and catch you on the next one!

  1. We manufacture our apparel (cut and sew) and have everything set up as a custom product. What is the best way to have a buy it as shown at one price and a $10 surcharge to customize such as adding their name to the garment?

  2. Here is our web address. You did a great job of helping me on the website pricing situation. Tom was such a huge help. My new question is how do I import my own personal “colorway” color pallet from my wilcom e4 embroidery software with my design so the customer can change the colors of my designs. When I import my design the colorway shows as a drop down in the design area but you cannot select it to pull up the color bar. Thanks

  3. Hi Guys,

    I’m trying to move my affiliate store onto V8. I have a Blog page, that has the headings showing only and by clicking on the heading then it expands and shows the whole story. How can I set that up on V8
    thanks Ana

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