DecoNetwork Tutorial – Episode 16

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  1. I’m new to DecoNetwork and am trying to set up an affiliate site. I have done several things ok but when I do a shirt design and do a save, it continually gets lost and I am not able to retrieve this. In addition, when I up load an image I cannot get it placed on the shirt. Can you help. Thank you Frank.

  2. To clarify my question about outputting the product list…. I was managing one of my websites – on the decorated products page for the site, there was a link above the images / list of decorated products for the site which allowed me to export only the decorated products for that particular site. I promptly went to each of my other webstores and downloaded the csv file for each of my sites. Later after adding a new site I wanted to do that again and the link was not there. I will gladly put in a ticket as this feature was a huge help to me.

  3. On our site we have custom screen printing jobs and a boutique with some of our designs. Since we don’t offer DTG, we use DTG for the boutique stuff (as a workaround for the order minimum) but I’d also like to find a way to not charge shipping for the boutique stuff.

    I know that I cannot assign a ship method to a decoration method. However, I think I can assign a 100% discount on shipping for decorated products only. Only I can’t figure out how to do it. Help?

  4. Q1. What happened to the option at the website level to export the products in a given store? I recently was able to download the list and the option is no longer visible.

    Q2. What impact, if any, would deleting the supplier pre-loaded products that I will never use from my Deco interface?

    Q3. I’ve been using the format for the many company and spirit webstores that I run, I understand that they are SSL secure once the user logs in, but is there any negative impact with the absence of the SSL certificate on the home page before login?

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