DecoNetwork Tutorial – Episode 17

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  1. Do you have a recommended method of how to represent glitter vinyl, solid vinyl, and foil colors a shop carries? I have added two of them to the custom field area and began adding them to products with a photo of the different colors in the description but I am not sure that is the best approach. Also, I am very excited about the addition of Conde Systems as I am starting sublimation in my business. How do you recommend adding the different varieties of designs which can be used in sublimation. Would you just put them in through the designer? I may not be able to log in while you are live but refer to these weekly updates regularly and really appreciate all the information and interaction. Thank you!

  2. When creating an affiliate site how does one secure the primary domain with out first having to create a secondary domain and redirecting the original to it?

    1. Hey Rachel, you can join us right here tomorrow at 4 PM EST / 10 PM GMT+1. You’ll be able to live stream the event right from this page and we’ll have a live chat so everyone can join in on the conversation live. See you then, Rachel!

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