DecoNetwork 7.2.1 is released

We’re pleased to announce the release of DecoNetwork 7.2.1.

DecoNetwork 7.2.1 focuses on expanding the flexibility of Business Hub and improving the integration of DecoNetwork with accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks, plus much more.

We’ve made it even easier to get the help you need when you need it with a new integrated phone support and ticketing system that ensures every engagement you have with the DecoNetwork Client Services support team is recorded and captured for future references.

For your convenience your DecoNetwork website has been updated so you can begin to enjoy these new improvements.

Below is a summary of each improvement you can enjoy in your new DecoNetwork 7.2.1.

Additional flexibility in Business Hub

You already love DecoNetwork Business Hub for its power and efficiency when creating and managing your orders and production. You’ll love DecoNetwork Business Hub even more with the new level of flexibility introduced in DecoNetwork 7.2.1.

Editing taxes and shipping options

Sometimes your default tax and shipping options are not suitable for a new order you’re creating. We’ve now made it easier in Business Hub so you can edit your tax and shipping values without the need to log into the back-end fulfillment center and create new tax and shipping options!

This level of flexibility allows you to define a new tax or shipping option while in Business Hub which you can select again for future orders.


Disable sizes for free-form line items

Free-form line items have always given you the flexibility you need to create orders for some of your clients. DecoNetwork 7.2.1 makes even more easier and even more flexible!

You no longer need to define a size for a free-form line item and can simply disable the sizing option in the Size/Qty options.


Accounting software integration

You can now live integrate DecoNetwork with your favorite accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks or Sage.

With live integration your DecoNetwork orders will automatically update to your accounting software removing the painful task of manually exporting your orders from a system and importing them into another.


To access the accounting software integration log into your DecoNetwork website and browse to Manage Fulfillment > Settings and then select Accounting Software Integration under the General Settings section.

New DecoNetwork ticket and phone support

Support is important for any business and now it’s every easier to get support from DecoNetwork thanks to our integrated 24 hour support phone line and new support ticketing system.

To get the support you need simply log into DecoNetwork and click the red ‘Support’ button to the right of your screen. Our dedicated Client Services team are ready to provide you with the assistance you need, when you need it.

Plus a whole stack more…

As always we pump each release with lots of new improvements and fixes. You can see a full list of of changes in DecoNetwork 7.2.1 by visiting


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