The team have packed a whopping 160 improvements into Version 7.510!

You can find the official release notes here, but some of the notable improvements include:

  • The ability to sync purchase orders into Xero;
  • Captcha update to the latest codebase;
  • Catalog updates for SanMar and new product data for Ralawise;
  • Payments tab in Business Hub updated to display the date paid;
  • More shipping carriers added for Alphabroder Live Shipping;
  • and lots more!

Enjoy and happy Deco’ing!


About Author

Ammber has been in the apparel game since 2004 in design, production and sales roles. She has worked with global fashion brands, runs her own t-shirt label and has helped to grow some of Australia’s leading custom apparel shops. The process of bringing a design to life from conception to finished product continues to delight and inspire her. When she’s not crushing it as a Design & Marketing Coordinator for DecoNetwork she’s going on hikes, sketching t-shirt ideas or cooking up a storm.

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