In this release, DecoNetwork team focused on adding a number of very highly requested options from DecoNetwork ideas page as well as improving and fixing few other things.
Check out the update release notes, but some of the notable improvements include:

  • Online Designer now has an undo functionality. This was the #2 ranked idea on the DecoNetwork ideas board.
  • Online Designer now has the option to mirror designs. This was the #29 ranked idea on the DecoNetwork ideas board.
  • Online designer now allows customers to drag and drop images into the designer. This was one of the top 100 ideas on the DecoNetwork ideas board
  • SVG designs can now be uploaded whilst building webpages in DN8.
  • Page URL is now based on the page name.
  • and lots more!

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Mietek joined the DecoNetwork team in 2009 and had enjoyed many roles since then. He is currently a General Manager of DecoNetwork’s North and South American department responsible for the smooth workings, growth, and development of all DecoNetwork’s American business transactions, plus worldwide responsibility for DecoNetwork Client Services. After years of education, he earned Master's Degree in Business and Technology from the University of Georgia in 2015, and even though he prefers the European variety of Football, he feels obligated to support Georgia Bulldogs for life. His hobby is mainly a family, but he is not giving up on his passion for Martial Arts and continues his journey practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. His first computer was Amiga 500.

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