DecoNetwork 8 – Update 2 (8.002) Now Available: SEO Improvements and more (+75 tasks implemented)

DecoNetwork 8 was released just ten days ago, but we have already a second update (8.002) available for you with many improvements and fixes included.

You can find the update release notes but some of the notable improvements include:

  • Search option added to Product Selector in the Designer, Request A Quote and Designs page.
  • DN8 now detects if the page has two H1 tags. When the page has an H1 tag, the logo is no longer treated as an H1, improving SEO.
  • Category widgets have a new display type of dynamic dropdown when used on the system page for its type.
  • and lots more!

Updates to your DecoNetwork system happen automatically in the background without any action required from you. Simply sit back and enjoy the new functionality.


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