DecoNetwork’s Website Page Editor Tutorials

Looking to edit your DecoNetwork website but don’t know how to get started? No problem! We’ve put together this playlist of tutorial videos to help guide you through the different features and options available to you through DecoNetwork’s click-and-drag Website Page Editor.

Notable Features

Pages Tab

The Pages tab, accessed by clicking on the PAGES button in the Website Editor Toolbar, contains the tools for managing your website pages. The Pages tab is used to add, edit, remove pages and organize the structure of your website.
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Edit Page Layout

The layout and design of your website are controlled by the theme being used. You can customize each page of a theme by editing the page layout.
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Designer Page Settings

In the Designer page, accessed via the PAGES tab of the Website Editor, you can edit the page settings of the Designer. These settings allow you to configure the size of the Designer within the screen, set the availability of the Introduction Popup and to configure the behavior of the Quote icon.
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Request Quote Properties

The Request A Quote page contains a form enabling your customers to submit a quote request. You can configure the properties of the Request a Quote form in the Pages tab of the Website Editor.
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Website Page Settings

The Page Settings Bar lets you specify the accessibility, basic information and meta tags of the currently selected page. It also lets you save, publish, cancel and preview the changes you have made to the current page.
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