Free Lacrosse Stock Design Templates From DecoNetwork

At DecoNetwork, we’ve created free lacrosse stock design templates to simplify the creative design process for both you and your clients. Template designs are designs where elements such as text, logos, color, font, and other properties can be easily customized with DecoNetwork’s built-in mobile-friendly Online Designer.

DecoNetwork users can enable the free lacrosse stock design templates by logging into the Admin page and clicking on ‘Stock Designs’ – Learn more

Austin Martin December 6, 2019

These look good, but as soon as we enabled them we relized that there are some pretty huge issues with them.  A) The date is hard locked into the designs and uneditable as "2019", so in less than 1 month the entire design will be useless.  B) The colors are also hard locked and unedtable so the customer can't choose their own school/organization colors. this also is a big swing and a miss.  Fix those issues and they will be good.

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