Google’s algorithm change affecting “long tail” keywords

Some SEO pro’s have claimed a ‘dramatic drop’ in Google search results from long or multiple keyword phrases also known as “long tail” keywords. i.e. “gildan printed t-shirt youth sizes”.

Many claim this is due to an apparent algorithm change made by Google but Google are neither confirming or denying any changes.

It’s still unclear if this will have any real affect on your site traffic or if it’s really even happening. The ‘change’ also seems to coincide with some recent UI changes made by Google which provides additional search tools to users. Who knows, maybe these changes might be affecting search behavior of users. This said there are scores of people claiming dramatic drops in long keyword in-bound traffic to their site .

Nonetheless you should keep a close eye on your analytics and monitor the search results of long or multiply keywords. Check recent results to historical results and if you identify a significant drop in long keyword search in-bound traffic review your site and possibly consider breaking up some of the mulitple long-tail keywords.


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