Increase your average order value with free shipping

Customers love a bargain and a common and effective way to give your customers a bargain and increase your average order value is to offer a free shipping threshold.

Shipping is a cost so you don’t want to offer free shipping on all orders, but free shipping is a very attractive incentive to a consumer which is why it is used (and use effectively!) by major online retailers.

To solve the problem of eating into your margins by giving away shipping, and the boast the average order value, set-up a free shipping coupon code that can only be used when the order value reaches a certain threshold. i.e. for orders of $50 or more.

Step 1: Create the coupon code

Coupon codes are a great way to track the use of this free shipping incentive. Through the available options with coupon codes you can track the number of uses, limit the offer to the first 100 buyers for example, and turn it off at any time without having to set-up any special shipping methods or products.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website.
  2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment Center > Configure Coupons
  3. Select New Coupon.
  4. In the General tab complete the coupon code details.:

    Coupon code: Enter the code people will use to apply this offer. i.e. FREESHIP
    Coupon name: Enter a name for your own reference to track this coupon code.
    Discount amount: Enter 100% to apply a full discount.
    Expiry date: Enter a date if you want this to a “limited time only!” type offer.
    Minimum purchase: Enter the amount or order value threshold a buyer must reach to use this coupon. i.e. $50.
    Enabled: Check this box to enable the coupon.
    Number of users: Enter a number if the coupon is for the first 100 buyers for example.

  5. Select the “Available Products” tab.
  6. Un-check all options accept “Shipping”

  7. Click Create and your coupon is now ready for use.

Step 2: Promote the coupon code on you website

There are various ways to promote this coupon one you website but. As the coupon code is designed to encourage people to buy and buy more on your website you want to make sure it is visible clearly while people are browsing around your site.

For this I recommend a small promotional bar that will sit at the top of each page of your site:

1. Log into your DecoNetwork website

2. Browse to Manage Store > Appearance > Customize Template HTML.

3. Select the Custom Layout tab and check the Override default layout check box.

4. After the <body> tab paste in the following HTML, remember to change the coupon code and value to match your coupon:

<div id="couponcodebar">
Enter coupon code <span>FREESHIP</span> to get free shipping for any orders over $50!

5. Select Update to save your change.

6. Browse to Manage Store > Appearance > Customize Template CSS

7. Select the Create custom CSS tab and paste in the following CSS:

#couponcodebar {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #000000;
color: #FFFFFF;
font-size: 14px;
padding: 5px;
text-align: center;
#couponcodebar span {
font-weight: bold;
color: #FF0000;
font-size: 16px;

8. Select Save CSS to save you changes.

Bingo! You’re done and your website will now contain a small bar at the top of the screen promoting your coupon promotion to all users on every page of your site.

Should a potential customer  attempt to use the coupon for an order value lesser than the amount you specified the customer will be notified:


Have fun and happy Deco’ing!

Brenden Prazner June 27, 2012

Hi Dan, One way around that is to change the coupon to a $value. Say $25 and put a clause of free shipping up to the shipping value of $25. The value should cover the most common domestic standard shipping methods plus the added benefit of this method of a coupon is you can set exactly what your max discount will be.

dan June 25, 2012

The only problem with the system is that if i offer free shipping, it will allow customers to choose very expensive options such as FedEx Overnight shipping and still get it for free. It would be great to be able to limit the free shipping option to Ground Shipping only