Last Week in Catalog: April 10, 2020

A post on a Monday? Yep. Easter snuck up on me like a black ninja cat in a dark room and I was unprepared to give y’all an update before the holiday weekend. I hope those who observe Easter or Passover had as good a celebration as possible, given the present circumstances in the USA and around the world.

I have some general practices requests for all of you to help us be of better service. When filing a support ticket for a catalog product:

1) Make sure your catalog is up to date. It’s possible that the issue has already been addressed in a recent update since your last catalog refresh. If you are using SmartSelect, you can update the entire catalog from the Products>Catalogs sub menu. This is, by far, the easiest way to keep your catalog up to date. If you don’t use SmartSelect, you will have to manually update the product by deleting it from your store and re-adding it.
2) If you have done this and there is still a problem with the product in question, go ahead and file a support ticket. Please allow a week for your ticket to receive a response. The catalog support team is separate from Client Services and is much smaller.
3) If a week has passed and you still haven’t heard anything from us, please make a comment update to the original ticket instead of filing a second ticket. This will help keep everything streamlined and allow us to address your needs more quickly and efficiently.

Many thanks for your help with this on behalf of the catalog department.

As for last week’s progress, we added 11 new products and updated 77 in S&S Activewear. In Ralawise, we added 15 new products and updated 4. We had a data import for SanMar, resulting in 7 new products and we also updated 10. Lastly, we updated 24 products in Alphabroder.


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