Last Week in Catalog: March 15, 2021

Hello! I was out of the office on Friday so the blog post is a wee bit behind. We have lots of updates to brief you on. Ralawise still has not been able to straighten out their new data format and we are awaiting corrections from them. We do not, as of yet, have an estimate on when those can be expected. In light of this, our UK catalog focus is now BTC Activewear. We received 2021 updates from both Gildan Brands and SanMar Canada this week. The Gildan data was correct and includes 10 new products. They will be added in the coming weeks, between regularly scheduled projects. The SanMar Canada data had errors and was sent back for corrections. We have resubmitted S&S Activewear for another pricing update, which I hope to get live any day now. Also, we plan to publish S&S Activewear Canada, though only one-third complete, this week.

We configured 36 new products in BTC Activewear this week. We have received a priority list of products from them and expect to have all of the products listed live by the end of the month. We added 21 new products each to Alphabroder and to S&S Canada. Is S&S Activewear, we configured the last 12 new products and have updated 23 products with new images. Rounding out the week, we updated 2 products in SanMar, 1 product in Ralawise, 1 product in JB’s Wear, and added 1 new product to Augusta Sportswear. Development has resumed the auto-imports for SanMar and this month’s import yielded 1 new product, to be added this week.

emy Sigfrid March 18, 2021

SS Canada? keep checking daily?  

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