DecoNetwork Tutorial – Episode 13

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  1. Is there a list of actual sites we can view that use DecoNetwork – exclusively? Not ones who build out a website with other platforms and integrate the designer. I want to see actual successful stores that use only the tools that you offer within DecoNetwork, please. 🙂

  2. Does the store integration show the actual availability or just an upload of items at a particular time? Does it show the current inventory of colors and sizes available?

  3. How can I customise the layout of the product page. I would like it to be arrangeed so that the description is on the bottom without the “more box that people have to expand to see the description.

  4. 1. When can we expect a search function under the Customer view for Style numbers and Job Names? Or even still, just a simple column for Job Names.

    2. Will it ever be possible to assign a Free Form Product to a Vendor, or assign to skip the PO function?

    3. Record Payments. Does anyone in DecoVille ever really use this function? This is like a human appendix, not really necessary or useful. When will this be upgraded to include radio buttons to select the invoices that you want to receive payments against. Until then, it’s just sloppy code.

    3. Does Deco have any plans to increase the speed of their servers. Processing orders is a bit lethargic.

  5. Currently product minimums are applied to each size of the product and each color of the product. If the customer enters a below minimum quantity in one size, the system automatically increases the quantity to the minimum, resulting in the risk of the customer buying much more than intended. The minimum should apply at a product level only. When will this finally be resolved?

  6. 1. Is there a work in process list that shows our current jobs and the total amount of money?

    2. Is deconetwork working on the quickbooks integration so we can send our sales to separate lines such as printing, embroidery, apparel, etc.

    3. Why does a quote get invoiced as soon as someone makes a payment through the website?

    4. Is there a way to see how many orders are invoiced in the business hub and sort it by date?

  7. Will you add to deco customer reviews, So when a job is completed we can send a follow up to customers and the can leave a review this will help our google ratings. This will be better than paid a third party company to do this.

  8. Need to be able to assign apparel to custom designs for each store. White designs should not show up available for white shirts – black designs should not show up available for black shirts when creating custom designs.

  9. Why did they take away the ability to create undecorated products? It was much easier to bring people onto the the platform when we could more easily create undecorated products so that we could be their full e-commerce solution.

  10. When are we going to be able to change the decoration processes within the individual stores like we can for stock images? Also, why do stock images randomly change the processes available?

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