Major server improvements and upgrades rolled out


Deep in the core of the secret DecoNetwork server bunker our team have been busy preparing and rolling out a new major upgrade to our server infrastructure that will deliver some significant speed and performance improvements.

We managed to scrape some valuable time from Mark Pentland,  Development Manager & Systems Architect  here at DecoNetwork to share a little on what the improvements are and how they will make your experience with DecoNetwork even more enjoyable.

“The focus of the upgrade is to improve stability, speed and response times during peak load periods.”

“The primary database servers are now 12 core machines with 32GB of memory, backed by a 400GB solid state drive (SSD). The previous arrangement was handling the load fine but now that the drive is SSD peak load periods and large database queries will not have an impact any more. This would be noticeable when loading data-rich areas of the application such as the Newsfeed in Business Hub, as well as longer order lists.”

“The Load balancer has been changed to better manage queuing of requests and also has a 400GB SSD to cache static content (product images, etc.), giving better throughput. This upgrade will stop the ‘random slow page’ problem sometimes experienced in peak periods.”

“The application nodes now use a SSD as their primary disk which makes updating them under load much easier. The clustered file system now stops using file servers under loading or performance issues much earlier, reducing slowdowns on application nodes.”

“In additional to these and other hardware upgrades, we’ve enhanced our internal administration tools by completely replacing our monitoring and alerting system, greatly improving our team’s response rates.”

“The cluster management system that routes around hardware failures has been upgraded. This includes both the software used, and the configuration, to make it more resilient.”

“Overall the management of the cluster has been improved, making it easier to upgrade in future as load increases. The improved monitoring will also identify help what components need upgrading over time.”

Many thanks to Mark and his team for the hard work on this major upgrade putting DecoNetwork on a solid platform to continue our rapid growth.


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