New Video Series Answer your Questions about DecoNetwork

In the last month, the DecoNetwork crew have been hard at work creating two new video series to help our decorators make the best use of the platform.

First up is our new series of short, single feature videos hosted by our marketing manager, Victor Marquez. These videos cover a single feature, topic, or task in a short format so that you can get a working knowledge of key tools, quickly. New videos premier weekly!

Our second new series takes the form of a weekly open Q&A session with top DecoNetwork expert Cristofer Cruz. Cris is live at 1PM Pacific time every Wednesday on DecoNetwork’s YouTube page, taking questions from clients and helping them to tackle their most technical questions live and subsequently posting the video to our YouTube channel for reference. Check out the latest session below:

If you want to follow our latest videos, subscribe now to our YouTube channel and click the bell icon to be notified whenever we post!


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