Reblog: Use Email Marketing? Ignore the Big Picture

The success of a website relies on how affect you are at driving traffic to your site. AdWords help, but cost money, and mass mail-outs to your customers (or potential customers) can turn recipient off your business if not done properly.

Some general no-no’s are overuse of images, inserting scripts such as JaveSciptm Flash or ActiveX and the biggest mistake of all – not testing your email first!

Sounds funny but I’ve received e-mails where the links didn’t work. All that effort for nothing and now I think poorly of the company so why would I use them?

An article in Practical eCommerce by Pamela Hazelton offers some good advice to eMarketers planning an email blast.

You may also want to read over Stupid HTML Email Design Mistakes @

A general tip is to be as personal and real as possible. Try not to be too ‘salesy’ or you might be detected as spam or end up in the trash can.

Promote your benefits and features in a non-offensive way. No one likes being yelled at in real life…


(frankly my personal feeling is bold, italics, red, underlined and UPPERCASE all combined should be left out 🙂  .. but that’s just me!)

A final tips is to link to a landing page with a call to action relating to your e-mail. If your e-mail is about product ABC link to the product page ABC so you can track exactly how many recipients clicked on your email and minimize the amount of searching your visitor has to do.


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