Screen Print Pricing In 3 Not So Easy Steps – Part 1

Join DecoNetwork and industry expert Tom Vann for a live webinar. Tom will guide you on how to determine your screen-print cost, the importance of knowing your competition, and establishing your pricing strategy. Plus, stick around till the end for a live Q&A session with Tom.

Tom Vann has over 30 years in the decoration industry, he transformed his basement screen print business into a multi-million dollar powerhouse. Always an innovator & tinkerer from day one, his passion continues for “finding a better way”, whether it is a printing technique or a unique way of serving customers. Full Color Process screen-printing has always been his passion and he continues to refine the techniques he learned and developed.

Spreadsheet from webinar – Screen print shop cost analysis

Screen print pricing in 3 not so easy steps – Part 1

Screen print pricing in 3 not so easy steps (Q&A) – Part 2

Victor Marquez
Victor March 19, 2019

Thanks for attending our webinar, "Screen print pricing in 3 not so easy steps", presented by DecoNetwork and hosted by Tom Vann. We hope you enjoyed it!

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