Selling decorated products in Business Hub

Decorated products are great to offer to your customers. The combination of a product and a design makes it easier to target finished-product hungry consumers such as stags or hens night, Halloween or other seasons products.

Sometimes your client wants to order over the phone or wants to add a decorated product to a custom decorated product order you are creating for them.

Or sometimes your affiliate stores wants you to create a quote for a customers using the decorated products they have already created in their store.

In DecoNetwork Business Hub you can create quotes and orders for custom decorated products as well as pre-decorated products you’ve already got set-up in ANY of your affiliate stores. Here’s how:

  1. Open Business Hub and start a new quote or order.
  2. In the Store drop down, select the store that contains the decorated products.
  3. Select your or enter your customers details
  4. Click Add New Product, and then select Add Decorated Product
  5. From the Select Decorated Product popup select the product you want to add.
  6. The product is added to your Business Hub line item or quote at the price specified by the store owner and decorated product creator.

It’s as simple as that!

For full instructions on creating an order in DecoNetwork Business Hub read our online help article.



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